Tuesday, November 27, 2012

No Ghosts From Relatives?

I was reading on Seeks Ghosts the other morning, about some people who don’t believe in manifestations of relatives. I tend to believe that line of thinking, because all my aunts and uncles on both my mom's and dad's side of the family are dead with one exception.  I had an aunt that died and she had never seen my sisters and I, and the morning that she died she appeared to me. I've mentioned this before in a previous post. 

In this same post on Seeks Ghosts, it says that as far as the smells that some people get of a person that has passed away (like a perfume scent for example) is just the person's imagination.

 I would say the person that said that is wrong according to my own experience. I was sitting here one night trying to think of something to write, when all of a sudden I got the odor of an old person.  It was an odor of the old days that smelled of smoke from a pipe or maybe chewing tobacco (the kind that would be spit into a spittoon but instead someone had wiped their mouth with the shirt sleeve, or with the back of their hands, then wipe them off on their pants or coveralls). In those cases you would get the smell of old tobacco whenever they would pass by you, or you were near them. Thinking of my grandfather was not on my mind but when that odor came up that’s when I thought of him.

One thing you can count on, is that you are never alone you might think you are, but you’re always followed by the invisible ones. Believe it or not. You can prove this to yourself by walking down a deserted street late at night alone, and you will get the feeling that you’re being followed.

Have a good day.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


My big question today would be this: Could the soul of a deceased human being invade the body of an animal? I have my reasons for asking this because of what I'd seen and heard a couples of years ago.  can’t forget it and it has been haunting me ever since. 

No, I don’t think I've lost my marbles. During my lifetime so far what I’ve seen and heard, so much of what this world has come to is crazy, that I might have lost at least 10% of my marbles. Considering how this world is going I’m liable to lose more before I leave it and if it comes to that then I’ll stop writing.  But so far, I think I'm still not crazy.

In this world today there are so many mysterious things that happen that one never knows. So in not knowing the only thing a person can do is to try and get an answer from someone else. If anyone could give me some kind of answer it would be appreciated.

So back to my question.

I know it’s a weird question to ask but since I’m haunted by it I have to try. Taking a chance that maybe someone has read about this kind of subject about the soul of a deceased human being invading a live animals body.

Saturday, November 10, 2012


I am puzzled, by the contradictions that I read about in the writings of the Church of God and some others. Catholics claim that there are no such things as ghosts and some of us who has seen some we know that there are. The Catholics claim that when you die and have not confessed to your sins you go straight to hell.

In the writings of the Church of God it says “that you are asleep in your grave till judgment day and on judgment day, if you’re not accepted by God, your soul is incinerated and it will never live again and this is done without any pain since God is a good God and will not torture you.”

The Catholics say “that you are in a pit of fire and suffer for eternity”. That doesn’t make any sense doesn’t? First they tell you that He is a good God and next they tell you that you will burn for all eternity. Now wouldn’t that be torture?

I have written about a book called Bible history in a previous post. This book at one time was studied by the students in Catholic schools. I cannot say if there was any written in English because all I could find was the French one. After reading this book from the old Biblical days, I believe that some of these laws if you want to call them laws, derived from what was happening in those days in regards to religion or beliefs of the people in those days. Like everything else, man has also added some sadistic extensions to some of these laws and I believe that some of these laws would not sit well with our Creator and they do not conform to the Ten Commandments that are written in the Bible.

According to the Bible the world was destroyed before with 40 days and 40 nights of rain so there must have been a judgment day and if the soul of a deceased was not accepted by God and it was incinerated where do the demons come from?

Some people upon reading this may think this person doesn’t have faith. My answer is yes I do but if I didn’t have any faith I would be an atheist which I am not.