Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A secret revealed

After a little over 2 years of searching if there would be someone stupid enough to start a nuclear war and I truly believe that what I found in this video, captures it:

Based on all that I’ve been reading concerning all the disagreements amongst nations and those nations upgrading their weapons capabilities puts us all in peril. I always believed that a third world war was not too far off. Today after finding the video above I truly believe that the world is in its last century. I really hope that will not happen but these days what counts to a lot of people is greed for money and power.

These two things will be the cause of a third world war.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Where is Hell?

When I hear of some people saying Hell is here on Earth I shake my head. I would say those people are wrong, but they are not too far from the truth of where hell is. I would say hell is somewhere deep down in this planet and not on the surface. Now the heat from the middle of the Earth rises up to about 6 ft. from the surface and that’s why when a body is buried it has to be 6 ft. so the heat of the earth would decay the body faster than if it were closer to the surface.

According to religious teachings the Lord works in mysterious ways. The way He created earth, He must have had a good reason for having designed it so it would not blow up with the heat that is created all the gases and oil that is in the earth and I believe that when a volcano erupts with its power and lava its to relieve pressure that has been built up over time. Having these volcano’s erupting here and there takes pressure off different parts of the planet. This would prevent the planet from blowing up or overheating.

Don’t forget the Lord said “Ye were created of dust and to dust ye shall return”. Now to me this means you become a Spirit that could roam the planet until Judgment Day and after judgment if you are not accepted in the Kingdom of God you are sent back to dust but in the Earth to Hell. That’s why I say Hell is deep down in this planet. Now before condemning me of being insane for coming to this kind of conclusion I would say read it again with an open mind and really think about what I just wrote. Also consider the spirits (or ghosts if you prefer calling them that) who roam the earth, which has been proven many times of their existence.

I will be glad to read any comments and answer them if they are worthwhile responding to.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I believe (Part 2)

I do believe that a person that breaks the commandment that says “thou shalt not kill” is in trouble. If the soul of that person does come back to earth, that would be because that person was sent straight to hell and the soul of that person that broke that commandment will not be able to come back to earth to haunt anyone except if they were sent by Satan. In that case it would be called a poltergeist. I also don’t think that the good Lord would wait for Judgment day to judge a person that would break that commandment.

Because according to the Bible, there is no forgiveness from the Lord for committing murder. Those are my beliefs and I stand by them. As for myself I believe that during my lifetime so far I’ve broken every one of those commandments except to commit murder. I try my best not to break that commandment and as anyone knows sometimes it’s hard not to do so. At my age even though during my lifetime I had the urge of doing so I am glad to say I never succumbed to that temptation.I should also mention that I do try my best not to break the other commandments too.

Those who don’t believe in life after death, I would advise you to try to change your mind. When judgment comes it will be too late for redemption so try your best to obey the commandments that were given to Moses that came from the Lord.

I would say to finish this post, that I am not a priest or trying to convert anyone but just sharing what I believe is the truth is in my opinion.

Monday, October 27, 2014

I believe (Part 1)

I believe that the soul of a human can come back and haunt the phony people on earth that pretend to be friends but yet they are not. I call those people hypocrites. In my case those people will soon find out that it does happen as my days are numbered and I don’t believe they're numbered in years. But whenever my time is up, when I do go into the afterlife (which I had briefly already experienced a couple of years ago), that's when they will find out that the soul can come back and haunt them.

That kind of 'friend' is an enemy that will stab you in the back at the first opportunity that presents itself for them to do so. I have some friends that do believe of the soul coming back to haunt them so they will do favors for you but reluctantly and hate every bit of what they are doing for you because of their belief. They seem to forget that the more problems they give you the worse the haunting can be.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Pause in posting

I am moving this weekend and while I have scheduled some posts to go up on my blogs (perhaps even this one), I will not have access to the Internet for a few days (hopefully no more than that).  So I will  be unable to read and respond to comments during that time.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Another account

Here is another account about the afterlife.

There are so many things about the afterlife that some people don’t believe in. I have found all kinds of this type of testimony and I don’t believe that they can be all wrong. But take a look for yourself. Apparently these are people that have died briefly and came back and they share their experience of what they had seen.

I can’t say much more than what they have said as to what they apparently had experienced.

If readers are interested in seeing more of these I should have some to put on every day or two.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Atheist college professor

Here is another person who changed his mind about atheism after having died briefly and coming back. I had my doubts about this Hell thing. I didn’t think that a loving and forgiving God would do this to a spirit of a human. I would suggest that you watch these videos below as the people involved and had the experience can explain it better than I can.

I have so seen many of these types of happenings that there has to be some truth to them. I know I’ve changed my mind on quite a few things.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Muslims experience with Jesus

On this video it shows a Muslim talking about how he was cured from a disease the doctors could not cure. I was very surprised about what this person did. It was a Muslim crying out to God for help and according to the video, it was Jesus that appeared to him.

This person's wife got very sick and he bought all kinds of videos that had healing prayers on them and played them to her 24 hours a day and she was healed. He then converted to Christianity.

I actually feel sorry for this person as Islam doesn’t permit seem to the change of the Islamic faith to another faith. I hope more Muslims can read or watch this video as it shows what faith can do and who can help in healing. If you have any doubt about the healing powers of prayer to the right Deity and have faith you will have help. This is also in the Bible -- God said “ask and ye shall receive.” I’m not trying to convert anyone but look at the video and make up your own mind.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Which one to believe. (Part 1)

My reason to entitle this which one to believe, is because of the contradictory statements that are told to us by the people of the cloth.

Here is one statement by a catholic priest: “God is a good God and a forgiving God”. Another statement by the same priest when something bad would happen, we would ask him how this could happen. His answer would be “Its Gods will”. Then he used to say” if you die before confessing your sins you go straight to hell.”

Now these statements together don’t make any sense to me. The reasons these statements don’t make any sense to me is because in the Bible it says “on judgment day everyone will be judged even the dead shall rise from their grave to be judged”. Now by their statements it makes me think that you are judged twice: once when you die and then again on judgment day.

Now the church of God “they say that when you die you stay in your grave until judgment day” According to what this Tamara Leroux it seems that she was judged on the day that she died by committing suicide (more or less with God's permission apparently). If you read it carefully you will understand what I mean.

There is a commandment that says “Thou shall not kill" (or "commit murder” I don’t remember the exact words). According to the Bible murder is an unforgivable sin. This person did commit murder on herself and yet she was sent back to her body.

So with all of these variances, the question for me is which one do I believe?

More to come.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Light at the end of a tunnel: Why is that?

Why is it that before I started talking about life after death, all I read was about others coming back from near death experiences with similar stories? For instance, they had all seen a light at the end of a tunnel? Then a neurosurgeon died and was at the door of heaven (I posted this story recently with the video).

Lately I’ve been reading that some who died and claim to have seen Jesus. Others have seen Hell and others have seen how maliciously souls were treated in Hell (for example being tortured in different ways, skin being ripped off their bodies, skin and flesh burned off their bodies). I read a claim that one could see just the skeleton and still that person was crying out in pain. That makes no sense to me. If you’re interested in watching about these people coming back from the afterlife you can see the video I included previously, here.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

WWIII: I could be wrong, but...

I could be wrong in what I’m going to predict, and you might think I'm a crackpot for thinking this way, but hear me out. I hope I am wrong about this. I believe that Obama has had so many complaints against him that he has to do something to redeem himself. I think that the only way he will be seen to redeem himself will be by starting a war. I believe that he will strike Russia, using the Ukraine as an excuse. I also believe that he will be the one to carry out the first strike. If that doesn’t happen then the other thing he could be ready to do is to declare martial law for some reason or other. I think the Chinese are just waiting for something of the kind to happen so they can come in and take over.

If by chance the Jihadists Muslims who are always on the war path, think that they will take over then that would be the end of the world as I see it. If by chance there is a war going on with Russia verses the USA then it will become a third World War and the Jihadists will be sure to get involved too. It will be the end of this God forsaken world with Russia, America, China and militant Jihadists all at war.

I hope I’m wrong but with everything that is going on that’s the only way I can see how a third world war will be started. All the damage that Obama has done by weakening the military and the way the Veterans are being treated will result in weak cooperation from the US military in the conflict, in which case the USA is doomed.

Like I said I hope with all my heart that I am wrong but so far that’s all I can see. If my prediction happens to come true then may God help us all because there will be a lot of death and suffering. The people that think that Jesus is dead, than they will have a surprise when they face him on judgment day, but by then it will be too late for redemption.

Friday, August 1, 2014

To Hell Then Heaven Then Back.

This post is about a young girl Tamara Laroux, committing suicide. If you’re interested in seeing what she has seen in the afterlife, you can watch the video below.  Personally, I can’t make up my mind as to how much of this video should be believed. The reason I’m saying this is because one of the commandments clearly states “Thou shall not commit murder”. You'll see why that is important in the video.

Now this woman Tamara Laroux claims that God had told her not to shoot herself in the head.  So instead she put the weapon to her chest aiming for her heart and then pulled the trigger. This doesn’t make any sense to me because of the commandment I just mentioned. She said that God told her not to shoot herself in the head. So her solution was to shoot herself somewhere else?  How does that make it right? Then if the rest of her story were true, to me it would seem that God was giving her permission to commit suicide. That would be murdering yourself which would go against the commandment that is in the Bible.

Another statement by her is odd. “I have been to hell and seen people crying in pain because they were burning". She said that she knew what each person's sins were and that they were in there for eternity. That I don’t believe either, because as Christians we are told that God is a good God. A good and forgiving God would not torture people and by burning people for eternity because that would be torture and I don’t believe that He would do that.

So my question would be: was this an opportunity for some priest or pastor to make up a good story to scare people into having more faith? I have a suspicious mind and with everything that is done and said in this world it is hard to believe everything that we are being told. Now mind you this could have happened but like I said I have a suspicious mind and when I visited the afterlife in the last day of May in 2011 the only things I had seen was a fence in front of a big building that looked like a big garage bin, a couple bare trees and a little blue house. Most people that have passed away and came back they all had a big story about what they had seen and what happened. I guess I was an outsider that was where I shouldn’t have been.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Is God a Myth? (Part 2 of 2)

The invasion of a body. Now by writing about this topic some will say that I must be an atheist. Well I can assure you that I’m not, but mysteries intrigue me. This is particularly true when it comes to the Holy Trinity.

Remember the Holy Trinity is of three, The Father the Son and the Holy Spirit. Whenever Jesus speaks of His Father, He says “my Father and I are but one”. Now in one of the commandments God says “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife.” But here’s where it gets me. Apparently God said to Joseph “Mary is with baby boy and He shall be called Jesus”. Now if Joseph did not impregnate Mary, to me it says that God went against one of His own commandments. But if He didn’t, then Joseph must have been Jesus’ father. But if God waited for the baby to come out before invading His body (because Jesus and God were/are one) then He didn’t break his commandment, but the fact remains that Joseph was and still is the father of Jesus.

Now if the archeologists would have been given a chance to dig and really discover what was needed to prove a lot of things about those old days,it might have changed quite a bit as to what went on. For example,the old testament has been changed because of some writings that were found that were different then what was in the old testament that was originally written. So if the archeologists would have had time to find all those things before the Bible was written in it's current form, more people might not have lost faith in being Christians. I believe their faith would have been entrenched in their brain with a better understanding.

The way the Bible is written now, it’s just like a "believe it or not" thing except for the Ten Commandments which is straight forward and can’t be denied. So to be sure that you are on the right track, just live according to the commandments. Even if you do think God is a myth, the morality in (most of) those commandments is pretty much irrefutable.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Is God a Myth? (Part 1 of 2)

Is God a myth? In the past couple of days I have read this question on quite a few occasions. Well, my response to this kind of question would be, you have to have faith that there had to be something or someone to give us everything that wasn’t man made. Mountains, oceans, rivers, planets, stars. Does anyone think that these were made by man? Or do you believe that they have always existed? If you do believe that they always existed then don’t consider yourself to be a Christian as you have no faith and without faith you would not believe in a "Super Deity" which we call God.

Does anyone think that the universe and everything in it was caused by a mega-explosion called the Big Bang? Well now, plenty of people believe that one. But I have to ask, why did that happen? Why did an explosion of an entire universe into an infinite nothingness just happen? According to Newton's Laws, things like to do what they are already doing. An object at rest stays at rest. An object in motion stays in motion. That is, unless it is acted upon by an outside force. So in a sea of nothingness, an outside force of some kind had to act upon things to make the universe come into existence.

A big bang could have easily been caused by God's statement "Let there be light". It actually makes more sense than it happening on it's own.

I realize for some reason or other, it’s hard to have faith with what is happening in this forsaken world today. With all the lies and scandals that are created by some people of the cloth, which are supposed to be untouchable in their faith, they are partly at fault for some people losing their faith.

Then there are problems with the misinterpretation of the Bible. I believe that comes because the Bible was written too early in human history and as a result not enough is known about the old Biblical days. To make matters worse, some movie directors these days are presenting things in Biblical movies that don’t agree with the religious books that some of us have read.

Yesterday I watched a movie entitled Gods Son. After Jesus was crucified in the movie, a soldier went up to the cross with a lance and stabbed Jesus on the right hand side just under the rib cage and up, supposedly to stab the heart of Jesus. According to the books and pictures that I have read Jesus was stabbed through the heart area, which is on the left hand side and not the right. Another goof up in the movie was when the woman at the well had seen Jesus coming out of the cave. She was drawing water from the well and offered Him a drink but he refused. But in the movie, when the woman went to the well that morning she noticed the boulder was smashed in two pieces so she went in the cave then Jesus appeared to her coming into the cave. The religious books show the woman having water at the well and Jesus coming out of the cave. This is rather a small detail and one told from the perspective of someone who probably wanted to do a Biblical story in a positive way, but it still creates confusion rather than helping our understanding.

Now you want to know if God was a myth. Just ask a movie director he mostly will come up with some kind of story that is probably not right. But anyone else would have the same problem. We have incomplete understanding.

After this, the next part will be about Jesus and God and the invasion of a body.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Do as I say?

Would this be do as I say, or don’t do as I do?

Jesus has said “My Father and I are but one and to see my Father you will have to go by me?" Now, there are good things in the Bible, but the only thing that a person can do is pray to the Father who is in Heaven, believe and live your life according to the 10 commandments. You can’t go wrong by doing that. I have a Bible and I read at times but a lot of stuff that is in there is written like riddles. If it's hard to follow, how can someone always follow the intent?

I believe there was a person called Jesus in name only, but I really believe that it was God that invaded the body of a person to preach good to people. Since God is essentially invisible, He could not have preached to the people without manifesting himself in the flesh. I believe this man called Jesus was crucified and died on the cross but God was out of that body at that time.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

The afterlife is real.

I am surprised by the amount of people I know who don’t believe that there is an afterlife. I will say those people who don’t think that there is an afterlife, have big surprise coming when they leave this world. What I find weird is that some of them believe in ghost but not the afterlife. What do they think ghosts are then? I guess those people that believe in ghosts but not an afterlife couldn’t have read the Bible much. In the Bible it does state that God is the only one that can kill the soul.

That means when you die, it’s because the soul has left your body. The soul did not die but is still alive in another world or realm, and that world is called the afterlife, where only the spirits live. The only time that the spirit will cease to exist, if after the last judgment at the end of times, a person is not accepted in the Kingdom of God.  Then your soul will be incinerated and never exist again. Some people, including myself, have seen the afterlife. That’s why I can say for sure that there is an afterlife. I’ve mentioned my experience about the afterlife in a previous blog post.In fact it is a big part of the reason behind this blog.

Now this part is my own personal belief. I believe when a person dies before accomplishing what that person was put on this earth to do, the soul of that deceased person is sent back in a different body to finish or start what he or she was supposed to accomplish before dying. I gave examples in a previous blog about kids knowing what they shouldn’t or couldn`t  have known at their age. This phenomenon has been documented on many occasions, and I have linked to some of these in the past.  I also believe that the soul of a person can come back for unfinished business that should have been taken care of when that person was still alive.

I’m looking forward to that.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Jesus was not a real person

Was Jesus a real person? I would say no for the simple reason that not being visible, He (God) could not have appeared to people and preached to them on how to conduct themselves, how to live their lives and how to treat others. God is not able to be seen by people, because they will be overcome, or overwhelmed by it. So if Jesus was God Himself in the form of a human and preached that the Lord God was his Father, how could Jesus have been a real person?

I believe that the body of a man named Jesus was crucified. But when the person Jesus was crucified, it was only the body. But the Spirit of that body, which was really God, left the body. Before leaving the body, didn’t Jesus say “Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing?” I believe that they put the body in the tomb but then God made that body disappear and came out of the tomb just in time for that woman who was at the well. When she saw Him coming out of the tomb and offered him water He refused.

Now if God had invaded the body of Mary to give her an Immaculate Conception, He went against one of His commandments which says “thou shalt not covet they neighbors wife”. I personally don’t believe that He did go against His own commandment. But could it be that Mary was already pregnant by Joseph and God had every intention of invading the brain of the son once he was born? And that’s why God said to Joseph “Mary will have a baby boy and He shall be called Jesus”

This is the only explanation that I can come to, without accusing the Lord of going against His own commandment. Invading a body (or the brain) of a newborn by the soul of a person that has left this world is something I have written about before. Some newborns have shown a level of intelligence that they should not have at such a young age. This isn`t so different from that. That`s why I think that the spirit of God was the soul of Jesus.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Believe it or not

I checked my bookmarks the other day and I was reminded about something that I had saved to comment on later on. I watched this video again.  Since I had written a post on the soul of a deceased person invading the body of a living person (which I believe can happen), I thought I would comment on this video in that respect.  In the video, a young girl shocks the entire studio on a show called Holland`s got talent. 

It is hard to believe that a 9 year old girl can sing like she did.  Her voice is close enough to an opera singer that that was well known and has left this world for a better one. The name of the one deceased opera singer is mentioned in the video. This reinforces to me that what I’ve been thinking all the time is true. When a soul has unfinished business it returns to earth to accomplish what it has not yet done and still needs to do.  I have read about kids at a young age knowing things they have no business knowing yet.  No one has any explanation for these extraordinary talents or knowledge well beyond the realm of the possible. When it involves religion and the Lord, there are mysteries that we will never understand and all we can do when different things happen is just to wonder whether its true or not.

Since finding this video I have watched it approximately  half a dozen times to see if there was anything that would indicate it was a fake. Looking at the little girl’s expression on her face and eyes while singing I couldn’t see anything that would show that this was something that was just for show. I also noticed that before she started to sing she took a deep breath.

The reason why I watched for anything out of the ordinary is because I could not believe a little 9 year old could have this kind of voice to sing an opera like she did. The only thing that sort of puzzled she is when she was asked where she had learned to sing like that and you could tell she was loss for words but that doesn’t mean too much if it was the soul of an adult that had invaded her body.

The Lord works in mysterious ways. I say this because He would be the only one to have the power to have this happening.

Monday, May 5, 2014

The afterlife

I know there are a lot of people that don’t believe that there is an afterlife. Well if you don’t believe that there is an afterlife, you have a surprise waiting for you once your time has come to leave this world. A lot of people, including myself, have been there for a brief time, only to be sent back to our body.

But there is at least one thing that I find weird about it.  No one has ever came back from the afterlife and claimed that they saw the same thing as everyone else or almost the same but in a different way. There are often common elements but there are so many things that are different too.  I read that one man was in sort of a tunnel and he could see light at the other end and another was in a tunnel but when he went out it’s as if he was flying over a forest at high speed. Why do those differences exist? Another thing that I find weird is that no one has ever reported encountering another soul in the afterlife.Maybe they aren't there long enough to see that.  I don't know.

When I almost died, the only thing I had seen were some trees that were bare, a fence, and two buildings which were at the bottom of two hills. It felt like I was the only one living on a planet, all by myself. In all the things that I have read about people going into the afterlife the most convincing was this Dr. Eben Alexander who seemed to have been close to Heaven's door.  What he reported once back in his body was quite interesting. This doctor is a neurosurgeon and he claims that his mind couldn’t have imagine what he had seen because the neocortex in his brain was disconnected.

Below is a radio interview with the doctor.

If you’re interested in reading more of what this doctor has seen you can go to this site .  To be truthful, I believe some of his story but not all of it. Some of it could be true. Apparently he is a religious person.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Why is it as a Catholic that to confess your sins you have to go to a confessional? And who is sitting there waiting? It’s a man and he’s called a priest.

Why is it that they keep saying "pray to God, He can hear you"? If that is so, then why can’t you confess your sins to Him directly? I would think that if He can hear your prayers, He can also hear you when you confess to Him, without going through another human being.

Now as a good Catholic Christian, you go into a church to a confessional, to cleanse yourself of the things that offended God, without knowing what kind of priest that is sitting there listening to your jibber jabber. This priest that is waiting there to give you absolution for the sins you have confessed, might have himself done worse things that your admitting to having done. It has proven to be that way in the past by the conduct of some priests. Would this type of priest be in good enough standing with the Lord to forgive you?

It’s this kind of nonsense of contradictory statements, and the conduct of some priests, that drives people away from their faith.

I would simply say just obey the Ten Commandments and you can’t go wrong. In closing I will say the morning you wake up is your day, but tomorrow belongs to the Lord so be prepared just in case He decides that tomorrow is His day and not yours. Just remember the Good Lord said “I will come as a thief in the night.”

That is my rant of the day.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Recycled Humans (Part 2)

Continued from here.

I know there are a lot of things that we misunderstand about the afterlife.  It's because people preaching the Bible, as any human would, are subject to interpreting what is meant  in the Bible their own way. They have their own way of understanding it. Even experts are subject to bias in their interpretations.  So who knows what is the correct understanding of what the Bible means?  By now, probably nobody does.

Here is what I’m thinking though. God more or less invaded the body of the Virgin Mary as a baby to come to earth in the form of a man. Then He was called Jesus. Now God, according to the Bible, is the only one that can kill a soul. But the day has not come to judge everyone yet.  Is it possible that God is responsible returning souls to new bodies? I think that is possible.

So now I’m wondering - could God have sent the soul of someone that has passed away into a pregnant woman to be reborn but as a different gender?  Imagine somehow a mistake was made or more likely it was done deliberately that say the woman's baby was a boy but actually the soul of a female was sent instead of a male.  Could that be the reason that later on, the boy felt uncomfortable being treated as a boy, because he felt that he was a female.  The reverse could also obviously be true as well.

I know God is supposed to be perfect but if that was done on purpose, God must have had a reason to do so. Remember there are a lot of mysteries when it comes to religion and God.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Recycled humans

I really believe that we humans are recycled from a past life. I have a feeling sometimes that when I work on a certain thing, something I have never done before, I somehow know exactly what I’m doing. My work comes out as if I had been doing that certain thing all my life. I also have the feeling that I lived in a blue and white house that was on the side of a hill. Except, I never have - not in this life.

I will also say with confidence that a lot of people do get the feeling that they have lived before but they are too scared to speak up about it for fear of being ridiculed for it. My reasoning derives from what the both the Church of God and Catholics preach. They preach that when a person dies they stay in their grave until Judgment Day. Then, when the Lord is ready to pass judgment the dead shall rise from their grave. The Catholics preaches that when you die and if you have not confessed your sins you go straight to Hell.

Now for those of us that have passed away briefly (like I have), if what Catholics preached was a true fact, some of us would have been incinerated and we would not be here today.

Conversely, what the Church of God preaches is that you stay in your grave until Judgment Day.

But both of these statements by the Catholic church and by the Church of God are wrong. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that God judges people as soon as they pass away. Also the soul is not confined to the grave as the Church of God preaches, nor incinerated like the Catholics preached. When a person is deceased that is because the soul has left the body and without sounding heartless, what is left is a carcass with no life in it whatsoever.

The person's soul travels and no one knows where. I have experienced this. I don’t know exactly where mine went but one thing is for sure, when my time comes to leave this rotten world I hope my soul doesn’t go back there.

To be continued.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

My Father and I are but one.

When I read the phrase in the title of this post, more and more I think of it as being that Jesus was/is really God. I look at it this way: God is an unseen deity. By being unseen, how could He go around preaching the goodness that He expected out of the human race? To my way of thinking He had to put himself on earth as a human but not to draw any suspicion to himself as being God. He had turned Himself into a baby in Mary’s body and announces to Joseph that Mary was going to have a baby and He shall be called Jesus.

Now according to the writings about Jesus, He was on earth in a human body for 33 years.  In all that time, he kept on preaching to people, healed some, revived some from the dead.  He preached against brutality. In the end when He figured it was time for Him to disappear. He couldn’t just disappear into thin air, so by preaching and preaching His goodness, He was finally crucified on a cross. After being took down from the cross, He was put into a cave with a big stone to block the entrance. Then according to those who told the story of these events, the next morning He was seen by a woman at a well having some water.  When she seen Him come out, she offered Him some water but He refused. After she spread the word about Him coming out of the cave, the soldiers went and checked and He was gone never to be seen again.

I realize some people will not believe this, but try to find an old Bible with the Old Testament in it and check Genesis real carefully.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Why so many killings?

Every day I go to different sites to read the news from different countries. But the only site that I can find that gives me news from a third world country is I don’t know if it's religion-oriented or just some radicals that make their own laws in regards to their religion and uses their killings as an excuse to show their faith.

What a person can expect when going to this site is about someone getting shot or blown up. I can’t comprehend the justification for these killings and blowing up ones self just to kill other people. I look at it this way: if you build a house to your liking, after it’s done someone comes along who doesn’t like the style of it and blows it up, are you going to find the person and hug him/her or them because they blew up your house? I am guessing your answer is 'no'.

The human species was created by God and by killing a human you are killing one of the many things that God has created. When it will be your time to leave this world and on Judgment Day, do you think that God will hug you and say you are welcome to my Kingdom? Or will He say you have destroyed one of my creation so to the incinerator with you. I was thought that there was only one God and that He was a forgiving and loving God and that He is for love an peace. But I doubt if His forgiveness would be strong enough to forgive someone that destroyed what He created in the image of His Son?

Those are my opinions of the God I was brought up to believe in.

Have a good day.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Believing what the priest tells us

I’ve mentioned this subject before, in a previous post. When I was young and living with my grandparents, the priest of the parish would come to our school that was next to the church and talk to us about God. He used to tell us a lot of things about God. One thing that he said that I didn’t believe at the time was that "God said before the end of times come, people will deny my existence.” Now I’m beginning to think that he spoke the truth when he said that.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The time is coming

Maybe my imagination is working overtime, but I doubt it. I think the time is coming.  The reason I’m saying this is because of everything that has been going on lately with respect to the way this world came to be. The existence of everything that we see - the lands, forests, lakes and oceans, the planets, moon the sun and the stars and whatever else that we know exists, and even things we can’t see - these things were not created by man but by an invisible deity.  A God which some people believe doesn’t exist and never did.

Some people refuse, to believe in the words of the Bible.  Many refuse to look at anything that would represent any kind of religious belief.  I’m not too sure of this, but isn’t there a passage in the Bible that says something like 'nearing the end of times most people will deny Gods existence?' Well if my memory is correct, then the end of time is coming.  In fact it would be coming faster than we would want to believe. Every day in the news we read about some people being unhappy to see signs that would represent any religious beliefs in any sort of public place.  According to some news, it seems that more people are turning to Satanist cults and some countries even have Satanists churches.

Well to my thinking on Judgment Day I really believe that the existence of God will come to the realization to these unbelievers as a reality. What I can’t understand is the belief that Satan exists but not God. My big question would be why? From what I was thought God is for good and Satan for evil, and cannot be seen the same as God.  But yet they believe in his existence. That really makes no sense to me.  Well folks as I stated before I’m not too much of a religious person myself, but hoping to be religious enough to be accepted in the Kingdom of God when its my time to leave this forsaken world and face judgment. And there will not be a lawyer qualified enough to defend you except the Son Jesus because only through Him will we get to the Father according to the Bible. 

That is my rant of the day and may God bless us all.

Monday, January 20, 2014

I am a believer in ghostly appearances.

I am a believer in ghostly appearances. The reason is that I have had the experience of a couple manifestations of people that I knew before them leaving this world.

I am a senior citizen and because of that, I try to keep my mind as active as possible because I don’t want to "lose it" like a lot of seniors do, for lack of not keeping my mind alive by under-using it. To keep my mind occupied I will sit and start thinking about things and even do math problems in my head. When I get bored of this, then I put on paper the problems I more or less stored in my head. Then I try to blank my mind and think about certain people that have passed away.

What I’m going to say on what I did next scared the hell out of me. This was about 2:30 a.m. and I couldn’t sleep. Lying down on my bed I started thinking about my grandmother who had passed away a long time ago. I remembered how she looked and spoke, and how she would chase my grandfather with her broom for doing what he shouldn’t have been doing.

I was so engrossed in my thinking that, whether it was my imagination or not, she was standing there just staring at me. It felt very real. Like I said it scared the hell out of me, because she wasn’t the best looking woman in the world and to me as a kid at the time that I was living with her she seemed like a witch.

Whoever reads this, I would suggest that if you try this start thinking about someone that has passed away (one that will not scare the hell out of you) and see what happens. See if you can tell if it is imaginary or not. I couldn't say for sure either way, but I know what I think it was. Keep in mind though, that the place has to be really quiet with no noise whatsoever, or it will disturb your concentration. If your concentration was really deep you will have some sort of result. You should also be relaxed and have your body is in a comfortable position.

That is my rant of the day.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

In Heaven or not?

I hope no one takes any offence of what I’m going to write, as I know someone might. Or some might think I’m being heartless. I can assure anyone of you that I’m not heartless, because at times just reading the news, or watching a sad movie, it brings tears to my eyes and I’m not ashamed to admit it. At least it shows that I have feelings.

What my beef for today is about some people saying that this one is in Heaven with God or that one. Unless God changed His mind, that's not the case.  What it says in the Bible is that everyone will be judged at the end of times and the dead shall rise to be judged. Now has anyone received a message from one of his angels saying that as soon as someone dies he or she will be judged right away?

This would typically be preached by Catholics. If you die before confessing your sins, you go straight to Hell. I guess Catholics don’t believe in mass judgment. The Church of God preaches that you stay in your grave until Judgment Day. Now who are we supposed to believe? I would say believe what is written in the Bible and not some flunky that can’t make sense of the way the Bible is written.  It seems that each one that reads a paragraph from the Bible, and mostly come to their conclusion as to what is meant overall.  That's not to say there aren't different ways to interpret things that are written. But there's a lot to read in the Old and New Testaments, and my suggestion is not to just take someone else's word for it. 

When people read the Bible the way its written, most don’t really understand what is meant by what is written and often preach what they think it means. That’s where all this confusion comes from. Most everyone believes that what a preacher preaches is the truth. The way it’s preached, is that really what the paragraph means or just his or her version of it?

If anyone really believes that their loved ones are in Heaven with God already, and it makes them feel better, good for them.  Like I mentioned above,  if anyone is offended by what I wrote it wasn’t meant to be offensive.  It's just about what I believe is the correct interpretation of life after death. And if it did offend anyone, I’m sorry.

Have a good day and may God bless you all.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Parallel worlds

I remember in one of my previous posts, that I had written that I believed that UFOs that we see could be the souls of the ones that have left this world. Well while reading the news this morning I happen to see this and it got my interest. I read it all and it reminded me of the post that I had written before.

Now this brings me to the Bible. I believe that God is the only one that can kill the soul and at the end of times every one will be judged and the ones that are not accepted in the Kingdom of God will be incinerated never to exist again. This brings me back to my original Idea. If those souls are accepted by God where would they all go? Is there a planet that these souls would be sent?  Maybe my idea is not too farfetched.  Maybe parallel worlds are the answer.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

God's incinerator working overtime

These days, showing the belief of being a Christian seems to be an anti-social thing to do. I am sure that some do pretend not to believe but do believe because they don’t want to offend anyone or be looked at as being anti-social for being a Christian. I spotted a little section on Facebook and it reads “Jesus says if you deny me in front of your friends, I will deny you in front of my father.” In the Bible it is written “Jesus says only through me will you get to my Father”.

I can see that the way some people are acting these days, Jesus won’t be too busy come the end of this world and the Father will have an easy judgment when it does happen. I would say if there is an incinerator like it says in the Bible, then it will be real busy at the end of time.

I am not a religious person, but I do believe that there had to be a start somewhere and there had to be something or someone to create all that we have in this world. The bible teaches us about the beginning, and if some people tend to believe otherwise, then they have a surprise coming when the end of their life on this forsaken world is over.

All I can say, the only thing to do to live the life of a Christian, is to follow and conduct your life according to the Ten Commandments. Those were the laws given to Moses. Refusing to obey those laws, then your soul is doomed to be incinerated and never to live again.