Tuesday, December 17, 2013

This is unbelievable

This might be hard for some people to digest, but it happened to me and I had to write about it. I used to own a pitbull. She was a female and her name was Cindy. I had to have her put down because she had worms in the flesh and nothing could be done about it because she was too far gone by the time I noticed that there was something wrong. I kept on giving her bath after bath thinking that she had fleas. It didn’t matter what kind of shampoo I used to kill the non-existent fleas it just didn’t do any good.

I decided to take her down to the animal hospital and when the veterinarian checked her he told me what was wrong with her. Then he said that he could give her some medicine but that I would be wasting my money as she was too far gone. My only recourse was to have her put down. Instead of prolonging her suffering I agreed to have her put down. About an hour later my dog was gone from this forsaken world.

I got that dog from a friend of mine when she was only three months old and she was 13 years old when I had to get her put down. I have had lots of dogs (and I still do because I love dogs as they are your best friend in the world). When I go to bed at night, there is one thing I don’t like is to cover are my feet, they have to be left uncovered and when I had my Cindy she used to lick my feet every night especially my toes.

I now have a mixed pitbull and a dachshund and both sleep on my bed at night. They don’t get out of bed until I do. A couple of nights ago, I went to bed as usual and fell asleep. Later I got woken up by a dog licking my feet. I thought maybe it was the pitbull or my wiener dog but when I looked both of them were sleeping. Then my thoughts fell on my Cindy, I figured she had come back to lick my toes like she used to do. Believe me or not it made me very happy thinking that even in death, my dog still missed me.

I must say that if someone would have come to me with a story like that I wouldn’t have believed it. Now that it happened to me I would believe it. I guess it only stands to reason that they must have a soul like we do as some of them are just as smart as some humans and they can think. How many times have you heard about a dog or cat saving someone from some tragedy like a fire or drowning or from being attacked by another human? Or its guardian got lost in a bush somewhere, injured, but they can’t move and his/her dog went and got help?

I think of there are human spirits or ghost if you prefer calling them that. So why couldn’t there be spirits from some animals like a pet cat or dog? These animals become part of a family and when something happens to one them then we a worry about it as if it were a kid because they have become part of the family.

Friday, December 13, 2013

UPDATED: Ghost photo

Take a look at the child's left arm.  Is that a woman's face showing up.  What do you think - real ghost or just a coincidence?  From Paranormal 360:

Some people can't see the image of the woman, so here it is highlighted for you:

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

There are no ghosts?

What I would like to know is this: where do these religious people get their information from to say that there are no ghosts when it is proven almost every day that they do exist. I would say that their statements are fabricated by their imagination or what they want to believe based on their understanding of what they have read or been told.

Catholics say that if you haven’t confessed your sins before you die you go straight to hell. The Church of God preaches that when you die you stay in your grave until Judgment Day. Now these statements are proven wrong by the sightings of ghosts.  Their interpretation of biblical scripture is not the only viable interpretation.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Another news story about ghosts.

Apparently the face of deceased ex-president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, has been showing up in different places, according to current president Maduro. 

To see more of this story I would refer you to NewsMax   I noticed this article tonight while reading the news. That's the second news story about ghosts in a week.

I don’t know why some people refuse to believe in spirits or ghost (which ever you would prefer to call them), as there are so many reports about this. Could the reason be that in some religions they preach that there are no such thing as ghosts? For example - denying that ghosts exist by the Catholic church.  This is the same religion that preaches that if you don’t confess your sins before you die you go straight to hell. Believe me I know from experience that ghost do exist. I was a non-believer until it happened to me on a couple occasions.

Friday, November 1, 2013

About Ghost Children

I know that Halloween is over and that’s why I waited to post this.  The reason I waited is because some people say that they don’t believe in ghosts, but they might actually believe and they don’t want to show that they do. My thinking was, if I put out this post before Halloween, some poor kids might not have gotten anything in some places because some people at times see something that isn’t there or because of something that they read and the balance is left to some people’s imagination.  That will make more sense after you read the next paragraph.

Since a Ghosts do not advertise their appearance as to when or where they could pop up, would it be idiotic of me to think that ghosts of kids could mingle with other kids and go trick or treating? Who would know the difference? I know I wouldn’t. I know also that if this post went up before Halloween some people's doors would be shut and locked and there would be no way that some doors would be open for any reason because of what I just mentioned.

Have a ghostly free day.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Another story about ghosts

I find a lot of people do not believe in ghosts appearing to the living. I have blogged quite a bit on this subject. Like every one of the non-believers, I used to laugh when someone would start talking about ghosts until it happened to me - a couple of times.

Yes, it is a ghost related picture.
Here is another example that ghosts do exist and manifest themselves to the living. Tonight after finishing reading the news, I decided to go to the site Dawn. It is a site from one of the third world countries and it can be very interesting to read that is, if you don’t mind reading about people getting blown up or shot for some reason or other.

Last night when I went to this site, something quite different was on there it was about a big black ghost in the bathrooms where most of the workers were woman. What surprised me was the fact that it was reported as a big black ghost. I had never heard of a ghost manifesting itself in color. Another thing that I find weird in some of these women's statements, is that the ones that didn’t see the ghost, when they got close to the vicinity of where this ghost was seen, they still felt as if they were being choked.The article on Dawn explains more of the details.


Speaking of ghosts, when I was a little boy living at my grandparents' home, I used to hear a lot of stories about ghosts and that’s where I had seen my first ghost. Also at night, my grandmother used to put something over every mirror in the house before going to bed. Finally I asked her why she was doing that? She told me that a mirror was a portal for spirits to come through. All I can say to that is, it took me a long time before I would look in a mirror at night as I was a kid then and I always believed what my grandparents would tell me.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Is Heaven real?

I had book marked this in December of last year. While reading my bookmarks I came across this article about a neurosurgeon that had died and came back to life. I decided to write about it because different religions have their interpretation as to what happens to your soul once you leave this crazy world. Some religions like Catholicism say that when you die and you haven’t confessed your sins you go straight to hell. The Church of God they say that when you die your soul stays in the grave until judgment day.

I have read quite a bit about people dying and coming back to life. They all had different stories of what they had seen while their soul was out of the body but I never read about anyone of them saying they had seen the same thing. What I had seen myself in 2011 when I died briefly, was altogether different from what they had seen. I guess what you see after you die depends on what kind of life you get in the afterlife and that depends on what kind of life you led while you were alive.

Some people on hearing about stuff like this say that it was only your imagination. Well according to this neurosurgeon, he has a different story.  He also explains why a person can’t imagine what he/she has died and came back. I would refer you to this site. This is interesting to read but here's a tease;
In 2008, Dr. Alexander contracted bacterial meningitis of the brain and spent a week in a deep coma. He says that what he saw, felt and experienced during that time was beyond scientific explanation.
  I recommend you give it a read.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ghost picture

I haven't posted anything in a while but only because I haven't thought of anything to write.  But I am still here.  Just like the ghost in this picture.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mysterious Priest

sketch of mystery priest
Cross-posted here.

While reading Fox News this morning, I noticed this article about a priest appearing out of nowhere at the scene of a car accident. Apparently because of this accident the highway was blocked for two to three miles.    No one was allowed to go through but this priest appeared and the fire department and witnesses claimed that this priest was an angel in the guise of a priest.
Officials are still scratching their heads over the priest, who they say appeared out of nowhere. Perhaps more mysteriously, the local fire chief said he does not appear in any of 80 photos from the accident scene.

"I think that this time I've actually witnessed a guardian angel at work," Jeremiah See of the New London Fire Department told ABC News.
If you’re interested in reading more of this unbelievable article I would refer you to the link above.
 I for one believe in that kind of event actually happening.  And with all the people around that accident site I don’t believe that it was anything else but a true incident. Pictures were taken and the priest can’t be seen at all in any of them. I realize some people will read this and think  'I don’t believe in that kind of thing -  people appearing out of nowhere'. That’s fine, but some folks don’t believe in ghost or spirits whatever you want to call them. It has been proven (to me at least) that these ghost or spirits do exist.
Believe me, these things do exist. There are a lot of things happening in this world that no one can explain, because this world is full of some kind of mystery. I would believe this story to be true and I will go as far as to say that maybe it’s the Good Lord that is trying to convince some who don’t believe in his existence.  I really believe that there will be more of these happenings before the end of this world.
I truly hope my friendly anonymous reader sends me a comment on this one.
Have a nice day.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


This rant is more or less meant for you Atheists and anti-Christians - in other words non-believers.

Warning to all of you as mentioned above, when or if the radical Islamists ever manage to take over any nation, anyone in that nation that doesn’t believe in God will be beheaded and it will not matter what you say whether you are an atheist, Christian or unbeliever.  Just the fact that you don’t believe in Sharia law and Islam and the Koran will be enough. I believe that you will have a chance to convert to Islam and if not, your head is on the block and your life on this forsaken world will cease to exist.

Come judgment day your soul will be cremated and you shall never exist again according to the writings of the Church of God. And according to the Church of God, if you don’t believe in God and the Islamists don’t get you then you keep your head, but there are no chances that you will be admitted into the kingdom of God.  So either way, you non-believers just as anyone of us who believes there is a God but we are not living to His teachings our soul will be incinerated.

That is my rant for today to all who don’t live by the teachings of God.

Monday, June 10, 2013


I haven't had a lot of new things to put on this particular blog for a little while. It's not that I haven't continued to read others' blogs about ghosts or religion and spirituality, I have. But I have another blog that I just rant about stuff that bugs me. It is more of a "what's on my mind" blog. It's taken up more of my time and attention lately.

So for now, I am going to put this blog on the shelf until I have enough input to make it interesting and also updated more frequently. I'm not sure when that might happen - if it even does. But for now I will not be updating this blog. 

You can still check back as often as you like. My blog roll on the right is still updating the blogs of others that I find interesting on these sorts of topics. And I may have others come in and occasionally guest post here also, if I can arrange it.

I just wanted to advise my handful of readers that it's been slow and will get slower before the blog comes back up to speed (if it even does).

Good ghost hunting everyone.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Catholics and Islam

Catholics and Islam. What's the difference? There are some similarities about praying and some similarities about a woman and what has to be covered concerning their body.  This is not to say that its compulsory for woman to have their body all covered up in the Catholic religion as much as they are obliged to be in the Islam religion. But when a woman goes to church at least they must have something on their head and something of netting on their face. That is, if the covering of their head or face the rules haven’t changed.

That’s how it was when I used to live with real Catholics in my younger years. I might as well point out that they more or less made it compulsory for me to keep on as Catholic, because my parents even though they weren’t Catholic, had me baptized when I was a newly born. One thing I am sure of is that any woman that wants to be a nun the only thing that is allowed for them to show is their face and hands as with the Islamist everything is covered except their hands. 

One more thing I forgot to mention. We also had to pray at least 5 times a day and this was all at school you could not make a move without having to pray. That's the same as Muslims do.

The books I mentioned before and wrote about in my earlier post entitled "history Bible". This book tells about how angels were sent down to earth to tell a person to go and see his King and tell him to attack a certain country because the people there were idolizing false idols. There was never any claims in that book that told the Kings to dismembered or deface or torture anyone because of idolizing false idols.

I can say for sure the school I had to go to had nuns as teachers and as far as I’m concerned they were the most miserable people in the world. They were crazy about giving the student the strap for the least little wrong that a student would do. We used to call it a strap but actually it was a paddle about 2 feet long and 3 inches wide and that miserable principal who was a nun to my thinking would get her jollies by giving a student the paddle.

Any institution that I went to that had nuns in charge including some orphanages, there were these humans in black and white uniforms.  They were all miserable.  An Orphanage I happened to check a couple of times for security when I was grown and working in that industry, I had seen one of these miserable people hit a little kid on the head with a table spoon. There were enough reports to eventually get it closed down and this was here in Qu├ębec.  That sort of strictness is out of line with modern Christianity and more in line with what you read about many Muslim beliefs.

Now if what is written in that book I, that Angels were sent down to tell a person to go and see His king and tell him to attack certain countries because of the idolizing of false idols, is true then how can the Catholics say he’s a good and forgiving God? 

And yet anything that happens they say its God's will. Don’t think of me as a non-believer because I am a believer in God. Only it’s hard to comprehend everything about the different statements that are made by any religion (or cult if you would rather call them that).

Did anyone ever realized or even think about who received the Ten Commandments? It was given to a Jew who is one of God's people. Now where does it give permission to Christians to use those commands? Mind you I have nothing against that it’s just that I had to ask out of curiosity.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Vivid Imagination or not

I entitled this vivid imagination or not? I;m talking about me. Do I have a vivid imagination or not? Here are my reasons for asking this. For some reasons or other I have been reading and thinking and seeing more of what this world has become more rampant of Anti-Christianity and it seems to be spreading to countries like the USA and Canada and these countries where known for Christianity. I’m not mentioning the third world countries because that’s always been against Christianity.

This morning I decided to re-listen to a video I have on my blog. From start to finish I listened carefully to everything that was said. The parts I listened to the most were about the statue and the designer of it and the coming of the Anti-Christ.

Having Listened to those descriptions of the Anti-Christ I would say that the Anti-Christ is already here in the form of a man. Now I will not say who I think it could be because that could bring me a lot of trouble if I’m wrong and maybe even my life could depend on it. Just listen to that video if you will and then you can come to your own conclusion. I know that some of you readers might be interested in this so I would appreciate your comments. Of what you really think about this after you have listened to that video.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Video Got Me Thinking

I was reading the news on CNN  this morning and spotted a video . I clicked on it and it was from the Church of God narrated by  Mr. D. C. Pack and he stated that Jesus was crucified to eradicate the sins of man. Now what about the woman? She was created By God and given the breath of life just like man was.

What I’m wondering is why is it mostly man that is mentioned in the Bible? According to what I thought, it was a woman that committed the first “sin” and even Jesus disciples where all men. I  wonder if this is why woman is considered  less than human in some third world countries? I know when I was young and lived with my grandparents they were Catholics. I remember a lot of times in the discussions of the adult men that a woman belongs in the house to raise a family and to take care of kids and husband. I also remember that a woman had to have some thing on her head to go into a Catholic Church. I don’t know if that has  changed. I guess this is why nuns are covered from head to ankles.

Have any scrolls or tablets been found to tell us the truth?  Has  the Bible been changed so much by the translation of it that the true version in the original language of what the disciples have suppose to have written been changed? Perhaps it could have happened because there was no replacement for those words and the results changed the meaning of a sentence or paragraph. Were all those disciples able to write? This is the reason I say to obey the ten commandments. They are pretty straightforward and hard to have their meanings twisted. They are what they are.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

More theories on the apocalypse

As you know, I'm fascinated by the End Times - the end of the world.  Here's another interpretation that is interesting.  It's a little dramatic in parts but raises some interesting points.  What do you think?  Please comment.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ghost picture of the day

I don't have much new to write about today, so here's a ghost picture.  Do you think these types of  pictures are real or clever fakes?  Or maybe a mix of both?

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Is this a weird question or not?

I had some visitors the other day and we were discussing a bunch of different things. During the conversation for some reason or other, we ended up by talking about Christ and the Bible. I was asked a question and this question was, “If God created Adam and Eve, who created God?” To me it was a weird question to ask because I don’t think anyone can answer that.

Well, having a suspicious mind, when someone would ask me something of the sort, I become suspicious as to why this person would ask me that sort of question. Now was it just to see what kind of answer I would give? Or was it just to get me thinking on that sort of thing and maybe lower my belief in Christianity? Or maybe it was just an innocent question to ask for lack of anything else to say.

I don’t think that a person that would ask that kind of question would have a deep faith in Christianity, because if that person knew what the Bible said about "In the beginning..." in Genesis and in other parts of the Bible, they would know that what the Christian view of God being eternal was, and they would already know the answer to the question and need not ask it.

That's my observation of the day, not a rant but something I wondered if people thought was a weird question or not.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Another perspective on the End of Days

Here's a video that I'm going to post without commenting on.  I'd like to get viewers'/readers' thoughts before sharing my own.  Please comment - let me know what you think.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Puzzling Statements

For some reason or other, I’ve always been interested as to what happens to a person’s soul after death. I know for a fact that the soul does not stay with the body because I’ve been there.  In fact 7 months ago I was declared dead by a doctor in the hospital and then all of a sudden I came back. I wrote a post about that.
The reason I’m writing about this topic, is because of all the things I’ve read about what happens after you die and where a soul goes.  There are many examples of people that have died and then came back claiming what they saw .  And it was all different from what I had seen.  Their statements are puzzling to me because they are very different from my personal experience.

Another puzzling topic, is about the statements that you read about as to why ghosts are among the living and why they are here. Some say that the souls of the departed refuse to go on to the other side or refuse to go to a bright light or that some had went to the white light then decided to come out in which case the soul would come back among the living.These statements are puzzling because again, there are so many different versions of what happens.  Perhaps all are possible, but I guess because they aren't too similar I wonder why there is such a difference.

 Another puzzling statement that I read was that if a person is murdered and buried somewhere without a proper burial, that person's soul would come back and haunt wherever that person was staying at the time of his or her  killing and keep on haunting until someone figures out where the person is or until the body is discovered and given a proper burial. What I would like to know is how these people can make that statement. How can they know?  That statement is puzzling because it seems there would be no way to validate it or refute it.

Another puzzling statement is that your loved ones will be waiting for you. Do the people who claim this have the experience of being there personally? If they were not there personally then where did they obtain that information in the first place?

My way of thinking is not judgment when the end of the world comes; I believe that Judgment Day is individual and comes when each one of us ceases to exist,  If ever the end of the world happens then the ones that haven’t been judged will have it happen for them then.

Sometimes everything is puzzling and puzzling statements like those above only lend to the confusion about ghosts, life after death and the soul.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Alien Space Cathedral

To have faith in the Creator these days, your faith better be established in your brain like a block of steel, because what you can see in the news as to what some people come out with is unbelievable.

The post title above is exactly what was reported by Fox News in a link to an AOL news section that I read the other morning. 
In the New Mexico desert lies an allegedly secret Scientology installation that includes a huge message for extraterrestrials -- a crop circle-type design that can only easily be seen from high above the ground.
Apparently this can only be seen from high above in the desert in of New Mexico. If these drawings in the desert do exist why was it just written about now? Or could this be a hoax like the crop circles that were supposed to have been done in England a couple of years ago by aliens which was eventually proven to be a hoax? Could this Alien Space Cathedral be just some ones imagination to attract more attention to this type of faith?

What these religions or cults come out with is laughable and yet some people really do believe in this kind of thing but will not believe in the Creator of all things that can’t be seen. With all of these false statements going around trying to make people believe in the kind of faith that they believe in, it's no wonder that some people have lost faith in the true religion but at the same time the question could be what is the true religion? And that is the reason why I say, we don’t know what the true religion is so to be save believe and live by the Ten Commandments.

That is my rant of the day.