Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Creation of first man

                                       Creation of first man

According to the Bible man was created by God from dust then  He gave him the breath of life and man came alive then he was named  Adam. Then God created a woman by taking a Rib from Adam and God must of given her the breath of life also and named her Eve..Now .to me the breath of life that God gave Adam and Eve was the Spirit of life Since God give Them the breath of life that means that only God can kill this Spirit which leaves the body once we die..Now when the Spirit has left the body what’s left is void of mind and Spirit and the only reason we have to pay respect to the body its because it was the creation of God and also loved by people that are still alive.
Now the big question where does this Spirit goes to when we die ? I don’t believe that it goes anywhere it just floats around till Judgement day comes and according to the Bible when the dead shall rise to be Judged.

I am not to much of a  religious   man but I am curious and that’s why I have all kinds of Bibles and I read as much as I can and being a senior I have all the time in the world.

This is why I believe in Ghost and Spirits and also from what I’ve seen a couples Manifestations and once a  voice of which I will explain as I go back on my Ghost stories not including about the one I’ve already wrote.

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