Saturday, October 8, 2011

My friend the lady Ghost

I mentioned this lady Ghost in a previous post. By looking up old posts on my blog you will see how I met this lady ghost and what she looks like.  I’ve been living here going on16 years now and she has never left me She lets me know that she is still around by scaring some of my visitors. 

She will make herself known in the bathroom, she will turn on the kitchen light in the daytime and I guess she doesn't like the radio because in the morning I turn it on to listen to my programs and then she turns it off.  During the night she will walk back and forth in the kitchen and at times she will do some thing with the pots and pans.and she can be quite noisy.

Finally at night I used to hear her making her racket then she stopped. I figured maybe she got tired of this place and left.  She had left alright but she had  moved from the kitchen to the basement.

One day I decided to go in the basement and straighten it out. I figured I had been putting it off long enough.

That same night. I was in bed and I could hear things being moved around in the basement, like planks and garbage bags full of different things. In my mind I figured that maybe a groundhog had dug a hole and came out of it on the my basement floor which is a dirt floor. I said to myself I’ll check it out in the morning.

When I went downstairs the next morning my dog followed me to the basement door but would not enter. He stayed back.When I walked in that basement to my surprise everything was put back the same way that it was before I moved them.  I got upset and I told her to get out. I had to laugh at myself for bursting out some thing like that.

The other night she definitely let me know that she was still around because she started in the kitchen again.  I guess I should have kept my mouth shut and she might have stayed downstairs.I have witnesses for pretty much everything that she does.

For some reason or other, the spirits seem to like me as you will realize that if you read my old posts on my blog.  Twice I’ve heard voices.  I’ve seen three spirits and had the smell of a rotten one in my car once and I’ve even been touched by them   I couldn’t say how many times while patrolling the cemeteries at night (which was my job), the knocking on the trunk of my patrol car while parked writing my report in the cemetery
I guess I will be joining them soon enough as I’m going on 77 now.  Maybe I can find out why they were so interested in me.

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