Tuesday, November 8, 2011


There is a book called life after death. I have mentioned this book in one of my previous posts. In this book (and also according to what I have read in other books and the Bible), its no wonder that preachers do not believe in the supernatural or anything that goes along with that.  In this book, they claim that the soul of a deceased person is put in a deep sleep-like mode and does not remember anything.  It will only wake up when called upon on Judgement day. I take it to mean that the soul doesn’t go anywhere but stays in the grave like it says in this book.  

Now I must say that something is wrong here.

We, the ones who have seen a ghost, been touched by a ghost or heard voices with no one around can't really make sense of that souls waiting in the grave until Judgement day. Where do those ghosts come from if this theory is true?  A ghost sometimes manifests itself into a resemblance of a real person that it knew when he or she was alive. There are times things are being moved around when no one else is present to see it.  There are stories of objects being thrown around but whoever is doing it can not be seen. I hope that you people who believe this theory of souls not going anywhere can explain what these occurrences are.  I also hope you are not trying to tell us that we have an over imaginative mind.  

In the Bible, Paul tells us that most of the disciples could not read or write so they had to get some one else to write for them.  Now these disciples were humans like we are and they told what they knew the best way that they could remember to tell what they were suppose to know. But being human and telling exactly what happened did they stretch the truth? Were they listening to something then telling it to someone else with a little twist because they could not exactly remember what it was?. The person writing it would write what he was being told and from there things kept on changing until such time that it was told so many times that what ever came out was completely different from what it started out to be.  Then the Bible being translated into so many languages, some words had to be replace by other words that fit in the sentence but at the same time change some of the meaning.

Is that what happened with this soul in a deep sleep mode? Sometimes I thank God for the little amount of brains that I have because if  I could not use it the proper way I would turn out to be an atheist. All I can say is that there is a Supreme deity and he’s responsible for everything on this Earth and I have faith in him.

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