Monday, May 7, 2012

NOTE on Bob

Bob has recently suffered a serious heart attack and also near fatal kidney failure.  For a while, it didn't look as if he would make it.  Last week Bob was rushed to the local hospital and was not expected to survive.   His heart has been problematic of late - it's not his first heart attack in the last year.  I'm sure the smoking doesn't help.  His lungs were also not functioning properly and he was having considerable problems breathing.  His kidneys had begun to shut down. Miraculously, out of nowhere, Bob regained consciousness after having gone so far as being read his last rites.  In fact in a matter of a few days he has recovered to the point that he is almost his curmudgeonly self.

He is still in the hospital undergoing tests, and he's not yet ready to go home. Not after an incident like that.  He asked me to post a note to his blogs to explain his absence and to let his readers know that he will be back posting as soon as possible.  In fact he has a backlog of material written that needs polishing but is almost ready to go.

Our prayers are with him that he will back here soon, posting again, no doubt with a fresh perspective on life after death.  Please feel free to post him your wishes and prayers in the comments as well.


Dean L, on behalf of Bob J.

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