Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thoughts on UFOs

Every once in a while you hear about UFO sightings and how fast they can make a turn in the opposite direction  that they were heading. According to those who have seen them and reported how fast they can turn and disappear, there are no humans that could withstand the G forces, that would affect the body of a human being. 

Now I’m going into the science fiction land. We have heard of spirits manifesting as humans.  We have heard about bad spirits throwing things around and making all kinds of racket, like banging on walls open doors, slamming doors, turingn on lights or a radio or stove.

Could it be that these UFO’S actually have spirits operating them? Also could there be spirits in some kind of body living on another planet? In this world today, everything is possible because we don’t know what the good Lord has done with the other planets. He must have had plans for them. The Sun and the moon I can see what they are used for, but for the balance of them, I don’t know. If we survive the after life after judgement day, some of us might find out. And if you have been following and reading on my Ghost blog you will know what I mean by my previous sentence.

Well this is as far as I can go in this science fiction land. 
Have a good day and may God bless you all.


  1. That is a very interesting theory!

    1. Its the best one i could think of.
      Thank you


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