Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cemeteries haunted?

When I read or hear about some people being scared of going into a cemetery it makes me laugh. Some of these people don’t even believe that ghosts exist, so what exactly are they scared about? And then there are some that do believe in ghosts.  I guess they think that one or more of the deceased will come out of their grave and attack them.

Some people have claimed that they have seen a ghost in a cemetery.  I must ask, was it real or just  imagination? The reason I’m saying this, is because I used to go into these places for my work and checked to see if there was anyone that was vandalizing the place. I had three to check in the evening.  Sometimes it was in the middle of the night when the alarm company would call me because they would receive a warning that an alarm was set off in one of those cemeteries.

I checked those cemeteries for seven years and I'd never seen a ghost. True, I've been touched by them but I've never actually seen one. I heard one voice. But that was an exception.  Each time I would go and check for some reason I was always attracted to a certain grave which was on the corner lot. One time I tried to read what was on it but the weather had done its work.  I wanted to read who was in that grave but couldn't.

This was on a Saturday.  During the week end I used to check them day and night and unlock them for the visitors. In any case, I went home and get a steel brush hot water and detergent and came back and scrubbed it till I could read something, but all I could read was, something like "Here lies so and and so, and his wife" It looked like they were buried in the 1800’s. Since that was all I could get to read I went home.

The next morning (Sunday) when I went on my patrol going past this grave, I heard a deep male voice and it said “Good morning”. I looked around to see if there was anyone hiding behind a tree but I never saw anyone. To me that proves that a deceased soul is not sleeping in a grave, like they say in the Church of God.  But it also showed me something else.

All I have to say to those people that are scared to go in these places is that you don’t have to be because no one will get out of their grave and bite you. Just go in with an open mind and you will see that there is nothing to be scared about.


  1. I find them peaceful places to visit. I always get a good vibe while walking through them.

    1. they are the best places to relax. I used to drive trucks all highway driving long distance and when I would see a cemetery i would stop go in and sit.


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