Friday, May 17, 2013

Vivid Imagination or not

I entitled this vivid imagination or not? I;m talking about me. Do I have a vivid imagination or not? Here are my reasons for asking this. For some reasons or other I have been reading and thinking and seeing more of what this world has become more rampant of Anti-Christianity and it seems to be spreading to countries like the USA and Canada and these countries where known for Christianity. I’m not mentioning the third world countries because that’s always been against Christianity.

This morning I decided to re-listen to a video I have on my blog. From start to finish I listened carefully to everything that was said. The parts I listened to the most were about the statue and the designer of it and the coming of the Anti-Christ.

Having Listened to those descriptions of the Anti-Christ I would say that the Anti-Christ is already here in the form of a man. Now I will not say who I think it could be because that could bring me a lot of trouble if I’m wrong and maybe even my life could depend on it. Just listen to that video if you will and then you can come to your own conclusion. I know that some of you readers might be interested in this so I would appreciate your comments. Of what you really think about this after you have listened to that video.

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