Thursday, July 11, 2013


This rant is more or less meant for you Atheists and anti-Christians - in other words non-believers.

Warning to all of you as mentioned above, when or if the radical Islamists ever manage to take over any nation, anyone in that nation that doesn’t believe in God will be beheaded and it will not matter what you say whether you are an atheist, Christian or unbeliever.  Just the fact that you don’t believe in Sharia law and Islam and the Koran will be enough. I believe that you will have a chance to convert to Islam and if not, your head is on the block and your life on this forsaken world will cease to exist.

Come judgment day your soul will be cremated and you shall never exist again according to the writings of the Church of God. And according to the Church of God, if you don’t believe in God and the Islamists don’t get you then you keep your head, but there are no chances that you will be admitted into the kingdom of God.  So either way, you non-believers just as anyone of us who believes there is a God but we are not living to His teachings our soul will be incinerated.

That is my rant for today to all who don’t live by the teachings of God.


  1. God almighty! Really? When the radical Islamists take over? Some "Land of the Free and home of the Brave" we've got today, eh? Jesus, it's like saying the Mormons are going to eventually take over the country because they have like, 8-10 kids each! What a moron you are. Tell you what, why not build a bunker, like during the height of the cold war? Then lock the door behind you. You nutjob.

  2. Moron and nutjob? When someone resorts to name calling they don't have a real argument to make.

    Think before you type is all I can suggest.

    You'll notice I said 'IF the radical Islamists manage to take over ANY nation'. In fact, they took over in Afghanistan and were beheading women during half time at soccer games.

    It's real, and even though we are not in Afghanistan, thinking that it will never happen here is just the inattentiveness that is necessary for it to happen some day. Will it? I don't know. Could it? Absolutely.


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