Friday, July 18, 2014

Is God a Myth? (Part 1 of 2)

Is God a myth? In the past couple of days I have read this question on quite a few occasions. Well, my response to this kind of question would be, you have to have faith that there had to be something or someone to give us everything that wasn’t man made. Mountains, oceans, rivers, planets, stars. Does anyone think that these were made by man? Or do you believe that they have always existed? If you do believe that they always existed then don’t consider yourself to be a Christian as you have no faith and without faith you would not believe in a "Super Deity" which we call God.

Does anyone think that the universe and everything in it was caused by a mega-explosion called the Big Bang? Well now, plenty of people believe that one. But I have to ask, why did that happen? Why did an explosion of an entire universe into an infinite nothingness just happen? According to Newton's Laws, things like to do what they are already doing. An object at rest stays at rest. An object in motion stays in motion. That is, unless it is acted upon by an outside force. So in a sea of nothingness, an outside force of some kind had to act upon things to make the universe come into existence.

A big bang could have easily been caused by God's statement "Let there be light". It actually makes more sense than it happening on it's own.

I realize for some reason or other, it’s hard to have faith with what is happening in this forsaken world today. With all the lies and scandals that are created by some people of the cloth, which are supposed to be untouchable in their faith, they are partly at fault for some people losing their faith.

Then there are problems with the misinterpretation of the Bible. I believe that comes because the Bible was written too early in human history and as a result not enough is known about the old Biblical days. To make matters worse, some movie directors these days are presenting things in Biblical movies that don’t agree with the religious books that some of us have read.

Yesterday I watched a movie entitled Gods Son. After Jesus was crucified in the movie, a soldier went up to the cross with a lance and stabbed Jesus on the right hand side just under the rib cage and up, supposedly to stab the heart of Jesus. According to the books and pictures that I have read Jesus was stabbed through the heart area, which is on the left hand side and not the right. Another goof up in the movie was when the woman at the well had seen Jesus coming out of the cave. She was drawing water from the well and offered Him a drink but he refused. But in the movie, when the woman went to the well that morning she noticed the boulder was smashed in two pieces so she went in the cave then Jesus appeared to her coming into the cave. The religious books show the woman having water at the well and Jesus coming out of the cave. This is rather a small detail and one told from the perspective of someone who probably wanted to do a Biblical story in a positive way, but it still creates confusion rather than helping our understanding.

Now you want to know if God was a myth. Just ask a movie director he mostly will come up with some kind of story that is probably not right. But anyone else would have the same problem. We have incomplete understanding.

After this, the next part will be about Jesus and God and the invasion of a body.

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