Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Which one to believe. (Part 1)

My reason to entitle this which one to believe, is because of the contradictory statements that are told to us by the people of the cloth.

Here is one statement by a catholic priest: “God is a good God and a forgiving God”. Another statement by the same priest when something bad would happen, we would ask him how this could happen. His answer would be “Its Gods will”. Then he used to say” if you die before confessing your sins you go straight to hell.”

Now these statements together don’t make any sense to me. The reasons these statements don’t make any sense to me is because in the Bible it says “on judgment day everyone will be judged even the dead shall rise from their grave to be judged”. Now by their statements it makes me think that you are judged twice: once when you die and then again on judgment day.

Now the church of God “they say that when you die you stay in your grave until judgment day” According to what this Tamara Leroux it seems that she was judged on the day that she died by committing suicide (more or less with God's permission apparently). If you read it carefully you will understand what I mean.

There is a commandment that says “Thou shall not kill" (or "commit murder” I don’t remember the exact words). According to the Bible murder is an unforgivable sin. This person did commit murder on herself and yet she was sent back to her body.

So with all of these variances, the question for me is which one do I believe?

More to come.

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