Saturday, November 7, 2015


Man has created images of almost every saint they could think of, including some statues of God and also of the Son of God - Jesus. Now somewhere in the Bible I don’t quite remember but didn’t “God say thou shall not create any image of me” and yet you will see many painted images of God. Now we can definitely say that those are fakes because God is a spirit and can’t be seen. How can those painting of Him be genuine? How about the pictures of all the disciples at the last supper how can those be genuine? Did they have cameras in those days? I don’t think so. Same is true for Jesus - the pictures about Him are fakes. I think whomever has painted those pictures must have quite an imagination as well those who created all those statues. Even though Jesus is supposed to have said “My Father and I are but one.” it doesn’t imply that how Jesus supposedly looked means that God looks like Him. Their connection is a spiritual one, not necessarily a physical resemblance.

That all those pictures and statues are imaginative fakes is much the same as the lies that are told to the people in order for them to have more faith in their belief. Now this is a question that maybe I shouldn’t ask, but could this be the reason why the Islamists say that Christians pray to false Idols? In that sense I would say they are right on in that belief. Of course they could just be referring to the saints. I would say you can pray to God or Jesus but kneeling in front of any statues or pictures is praying to a false idol except kneeling at a cross it reminds us that Jesus was crucified and whomever believeth in him shall have eternal life.

That’s my little rant of the day.

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