Thursday, December 17, 2015

Why worry?

Why worry? What was prophesied as to what could happen from anytime between now and the first of January 2017, according to the scripture Isaiah, is scary. One of revolution in particular is frightening as the USA will be destroyed at least by the first of January 2017. Some of the prophecies that were prophesied in 2013 happened in 2014. So I don’t see any reasons why the ones prophesied according to the Bible should not happen. When it does happen, a lot of people are in for a surprise especially the unbelievers and there will be no place to hide from it. Building a bunker or a hole in the ground like a rat will not escape the wrath of God. Building a bunker or a hole in the ground might be good for a weapon like the Russian supposedly possess. But the second coming of Jesus is a different thing. God will destroy the new Sodom and Gomorrah and burn it to the ground.

That’s why I say why worry about who the next president is going to be, because according to what I’ve read Obama will not get to finish his second term. His term could be terminated at anytime. If what was prophesied happens in the time frame predicted, there will be no need for a president as the USA will not exist as it is now.

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