Friday, January 15, 2016

Planet Earth

I’m just wondering how long this planet will last. My reason for wondering about that is the mining of this planet the depth of how deep it’s being dug into and what is extracted from it and not replaced. The digging of holes into it to explode bombs to test and see how effective and how much damage it could do.

All this digging and the blowing of bombs must have some effect on the planet. After all isn’t the planet shaped like a ball? So the way its’ being used now must have some effect on how it was constructed. I would say that this planet is being weakened more and more each day by everything that’s being done to it.

Yet this is not the only thing that’s being disrespected by Gods’ creation and even in some places disrespect for the bodies of humans once deceased and also abusing of animals. To top it all off the disrespect of denying the existence of God and His Son Jesus.

I would say soon the time will come when the destroyers and unbelievers and the destruction of what God has created will soon be judged for their actions and beliefs’. But by then it will be too late for redemption and they will have to pay the price for their thoughts and actions.

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