Sunday, April 3, 2011

Second Manifestation

                                                                   Second  Manifestation

Later on in life I met this woman who already had two kids from a previous marriage and after about a year we got married and we moved into an apartment.  Within a couple of years we had two more kids – a boy and girl - so we decided to look for a house.  I finally found one. This house was what we were looking for. It had a big living room and dining room and two kitchens and upstairs there were three big bedrooms and a big bathroom.

From the very first day when the kids would go to the bathroom they would come down and say that they had a feeling of being watched. After about a month I asked the older girl to try and find out who was living in the house that we were in. It just so happened that one of the girls that she was friends with at school used to baby sit for the previous tenants. She asked her if she knew why they had moved out and she answered that the lady had committed suicide in the bathroom.

With the type of work I was doing most nights I would come home way after midnight. This night as usual I came home, washed up, made myself a lunch, went in the living room and turn the TV on to watch the late movie. Then I heard the stairs squeak. I turned around and looked and saw this woman coming down the stairs.  She was a stranger to me and I wondered what she was doing there in our house.

This woman did not look at me at all.  Instead she turned and went to the kitchen then on to the second one and then she disappeared. I looked for her but I could not find her.  All I had seen of her was her back, but she had on a yellow negligee and long black hair.   I told my wife what I had seen.

I asked my daughter to find out from her friend how this woman would get ready for bed and also what she wore and her friend told her exactly what I had described this woman to my wife.  No more complaints from the kids. That meant that her Spirit had left the house.

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