Friday, April 15, 2011

Gates of Hell

                                                                                                                     Gates of Hell

I watched the program "Gates of Hell" on the History Channel last night and I have a big problem digesting  this story and the interpretation of Hell that they had described. The show was supposed to present various of interpretations of Hell and the location of six different gates to Hell, here on earth, based on historical records, beliefs and mythology.  The Bible teaches about Hell and Purgatory but nowhere does it mention where Hell is.  All it mentions is a lake of fire and in some cases, a pit of fire, both .of  which both were shown.

A number of different historical and modern day events and gates were discussed.
                                                 The pilot that crashed.

 The story that he told about dying and what he saw is believable to me because I’ve heard of different people that died and came back to life in the hospital and told the Dr. The same story about  finally seen the light at the end of a tunnel. Then flying over a field. The only thing that the pilot mentioned was a light at the end of the tunnel and where he was it was darker then black and all of a sudden he was out of the tunnel and into a forest but no mention of the pit of fire but he did mention smoke.

I believe there is a place called Hell - but where? Some of these stories came from the Bible. But is the Bible accurate in its account of the old Biblical days the way it was written? In the next chapter will show as to why I think that a lot of what was written was made up because whoever wrote the first Bible did not have proof of every thing they were writing.

                                                       The translation of the Bible

Now there are not to many languages,  in this world that can be translated in exactly the same words.  Those words that replaced the original ones that could not be translated, could  change the meaning of a  sentence or paragraph. You can listen to Biblical preachers read the same paragraph and they will come up with a different meaning of what this paragraph is suppose to mean. Now we all know even today, if one person hears a story then repeats it to some one else  by the time the second person is finished with it, it has a different ending or meaning.

To me the only thing to go by in the Bible is the ten  commandments and have faith and if you live by that you can’t go wrong.


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