Monday, August 1, 2011


I read a lot about these people - especially the ones in the USA. Here in Canada, I imagine we have some too but we don’t seem to hear too much from them. I think they know that it wouldn't do them any good to complain because they know that it would be useless for them to try to bully people with their non-believer bull here. We are a Christian nation and I doubt very much that these non-believers could change that. They could try but I think they would be wasting their time.

I would like to ask these non-believers where they think the first humans came from? Do they think that the first human crawled from under a rock or just grew from the ground? Or do they believe that the human species always existed? Another question for them is where did all the animals in the world come from. Do they think they came from the same place as the human species or they crawled out of a pile of manure that was left by humans or from under a different rock?

I’m not to much of a religious person but smart enough to believe that we were created by a Superior Deity and the name that was given from man was God. Can you see the air that you breath? Yet you believe it's there. Because you can’t see doesn't mean it doesn't keep you alive. I wonder how non- believers, who can’t see the oxygen that they breath, can’t believe that there is a Superior Deity who is the creator of all things living even though we can't see Him?

My advice to you non-believers: before you try and push your non-believer bull to people that do believe and have faith and yet don’t try to make believers out of you, think twice. You have nothing to complain about. Just live and let live. While I'm at it, try to be open minded about the issue. I'm not trying to convert you but some day you will meet your maker but it will be to late for you to make amends. So a little good will for the faithful couldn't hurt. Think of it as spiritual insurance.

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