Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Cults. This is what I think of when they say religion. My reason for saying this is because none of these religions preach the same thing as far as God is concerned. Who is God, how to praise God, what happens when you die - they all see things differently. Every one of them has different ways and as far as they are concerned each one of them think that they are the one genuine, correct religion with the correct version of the truth.

Who is to say which is the right one or not? I picture a bunch of them looking at some scriptures and each one has made up their mind on how to decipher and how to convince people to pray and do as they teach you. They believe it to be the true way. The result is that there are so many religions. That's why I call them cults - people have trouble believing because they are so many interpretations and they can't all be right. It leads to skepticism. Lots of people have lost faith because of these sects that think that they know it all. Often, they know little or nothing when it comes to scriptures and how to speak the truth. So it's often something they can’t do because they don’t understand them themselves.

About a month ago after having watched some videos that were put out by the Church of God, I sent for one of their books. It took about a month to get it and the book was written in 2008. so it's been around a decent amount of time. They predicted the downfall of the economy of the U.S., which did indeed happen shortly afterwards. They also predicted a lot of other things that have happened in the past and recently. They've also predicted some things that are still expected to happen. At least by those who believe.

So I'm busy running down cults and here I am seeing things from a different angle. So far what I've read and seen of all the things that they predicted that have happened, I must say that these people know of what they speak. Or they certainly seem to know. I have never read a book as convincing as this book and I’m not even finished it yet. This is a beautiful book, and well written. It's called God’s Final Witness. It's easy to see that the author of this book has studied and observed what was going on in this world - the weather, earthquakes, floods, tornado’s and hurricanes. The storms that I just mentioned are also mentioned in the Book of Revelations. That's where they approach these issues from - a biblical perspective.

Of course there's a lot more covered in there than natural disasters. In my next post I will talk about what I've read in this book. It is very interesting.

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