Monday, January 7, 2013

Alien Space Cathedral

To have faith in the Creator these days, your faith better be established in your brain like a block of steel, because what you can see in the news as to what some people come out with is unbelievable.

The post title above is exactly what was reported by Fox News in a link to an AOL news section that I read the other morning. 
In the New Mexico desert lies an allegedly secret Scientology installation that includes a huge message for extraterrestrials -- a crop circle-type design that can only easily be seen from high above the ground.
Apparently this can only be seen from high above in the desert in of New Mexico. If these drawings in the desert do exist why was it just written about now? Or could this be a hoax like the crop circles that were supposed to have been done in England a couple of years ago by aliens which was eventually proven to be a hoax? Could this Alien Space Cathedral be just some ones imagination to attract more attention to this type of faith?

What these religions or cults come out with is laughable and yet some people really do believe in this kind of thing but will not believe in the Creator of all things that can’t be seen. With all of these false statements going around trying to make people believe in the kind of faith that they believe in, it's no wonder that some people have lost faith in the true religion but at the same time the question could be what is the true religion? And that is the reason why I say, we don’t know what the true religion is so to be save believe and live by the Ten Commandments.

That is my rant of the day.

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