Thursday, January 17, 2013

Puzzling Statements

For some reason or other, I’ve always been interested as to what happens to a person’s soul after death. I know for a fact that the soul does not stay with the body because I’ve been there.  In fact 7 months ago I was declared dead by a doctor in the hospital and then all of a sudden I came back. I wrote a post about that.
The reason I’m writing about this topic, is because of all the things I’ve read about what happens after you die and where a soul goes.  There are many examples of people that have died and then came back claiming what they saw .  And it was all different from what I had seen.  Their statements are puzzling to me because they are very different from my personal experience.

Another puzzling topic, is about the statements that you read about as to why ghosts are among the living and why they are here. Some say that the souls of the departed refuse to go on to the other side or refuse to go to a bright light or that some had went to the white light then decided to come out in which case the soul would come back among the living.These statements are puzzling because again, there are so many different versions of what happens.  Perhaps all are possible, but I guess because they aren't too similar I wonder why there is such a difference.

 Another puzzling statement that I read was that if a person is murdered and buried somewhere without a proper burial, that person's soul would come back and haunt wherever that person was staying at the time of his or her  killing and keep on haunting until someone figures out where the person is or until the body is discovered and given a proper burial. What I would like to know is how these people can make that statement. How can they know?  That statement is puzzling because it seems there would be no way to validate it or refute it.

Another puzzling statement is that your loved ones will be waiting for you. Do the people who claim this have the experience of being there personally? If they were not there personally then where did they obtain that information in the first place?

My way of thinking is not judgment when the end of the world comes; I believe that Judgment Day is individual and comes when each one of us ceases to exist,  If ever the end of the world happens then the ones that haven’t been judged will have it happen for them then.

Sometimes everything is puzzling and puzzling statements like those above only lend to the confusion about ghosts, life after death and the soul.

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