Friday, November 1, 2013

About Ghost Children

I know that Halloween is over and that’s why I waited to post this.  The reason I waited is because some people say that they don’t believe in ghosts, but they might actually believe and they don’t want to show that they do. My thinking was, if I put out this post before Halloween, some poor kids might not have gotten anything in some places because some people at times see something that isn’t there or because of something that they read and the balance is left to some people’s imagination.  That will make more sense after you read the next paragraph.

Since a Ghosts do not advertise their appearance as to when or where they could pop up, would it be idiotic of me to think that ghosts of kids could mingle with other kids and go trick or treating? Who would know the difference? I know I wouldn’t. I know also that if this post went up before Halloween some people's doors would be shut and locked and there would be no way that some doors would be open for any reason because of what I just mentioned.

Have a ghostly free day.

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