Saturday, November 2, 2013

Another news story about ghosts.

Apparently the face of deceased ex-president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, has been showing up in different places, according to current president Maduro. 

To see more of this story I would refer you to NewsMax   I noticed this article tonight while reading the news. That's the second news story about ghosts in a week.

I don’t know why some people refuse to believe in spirits or ghost (which ever you would prefer to call them), as there are so many reports about this. Could the reason be that in some religions they preach that there are no such thing as ghosts? For example - denying that ghosts exist by the Catholic church.  This is the same religion that preaches that if you don’t confess your sins before you die you go straight to hell. Believe me I know from experience that ghost do exist. I was a non-believer until it happened to me on a couple occasions.

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