Sunday, February 9, 2014

Why so many killings?

Every day I go to different sites to read the news from different countries. But the only site that I can find that gives me news from a third world country is I don’t know if it's religion-oriented or just some radicals that make their own laws in regards to their religion and uses their killings as an excuse to show their faith.

What a person can expect when going to this site is about someone getting shot or blown up. I can’t comprehend the justification for these killings and blowing up ones self just to kill other people. I look at it this way: if you build a house to your liking, after it’s done someone comes along who doesn’t like the style of it and blows it up, are you going to find the person and hug him/her or them because they blew up your house? I am guessing your answer is 'no'.

The human species was created by God and by killing a human you are killing one of the many things that God has created. When it will be your time to leave this world and on Judgment Day, do you think that God will hug you and say you are welcome to my Kingdom? Or will He say you have destroyed one of my creation so to the incinerator with you. I was thought that there was only one God and that He was a forgiving and loving God and that He is for love an peace. But I doubt if His forgiveness would be strong enough to forgive someone that destroyed what He created in the image of His Son?

Those are my opinions of the God I was brought up to believe in.

Have a good day.

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