Sunday, March 16, 2014

My Father and I are but one.

When I read the phrase in the title of this post, more and more I think of it as being that Jesus was/is really God. I look at it this way: God is an unseen deity. By being unseen, how could He go around preaching the goodness that He expected out of the human race? To my way of thinking He had to put himself on earth as a human but not to draw any suspicion to himself as being God. He had turned Himself into a baby in Mary’s body and announces to Joseph that Mary was going to have a baby and He shall be called Jesus.

Now according to the writings about Jesus, He was on earth in a human body for 33 years.  In all that time, he kept on preaching to people, healed some, revived some from the dead.  He preached against brutality. In the end when He figured it was time for Him to disappear. He couldn’t just disappear into thin air, so by preaching and preaching His goodness, He was finally crucified on a cross. After being took down from the cross, He was put into a cave with a big stone to block the entrance. Then according to those who told the story of these events, the next morning He was seen by a woman at a well having some water.  When she seen Him come out, she offered Him some water but He refused. After she spread the word about Him coming out of the cave, the soldiers went and checked and He was gone never to be seen again.

I realize some people will not believe this, but try to find an old Bible with the Old Testament in it and check Genesis real carefully.

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