Sunday, May 18, 2014

Jesus was not a real person

Was Jesus a real person? I would say no for the simple reason that not being visible, He (God) could not have appeared to people and preached to them on how to conduct themselves, how to live their lives and how to treat others. God is not able to be seen by people, because they will be overcome, or overwhelmed by it. So if Jesus was God Himself in the form of a human and preached that the Lord God was his Father, how could Jesus have been a real person?

I believe that the body of a man named Jesus was crucified. But when the person Jesus was crucified, it was only the body. But the Spirit of that body, which was really God, left the body. Before leaving the body, didn’t Jesus say “Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing?” I believe that they put the body in the tomb but then God made that body disappear and came out of the tomb just in time for that woman who was at the well. When she saw Him coming out of the tomb and offered him water He refused.

Now if God had invaded the body of Mary to give her an Immaculate Conception, He went against one of His commandments which says “thou shalt not covet they neighbors wife”. I personally don’t believe that He did go against His own commandment. But could it be that Mary was already pregnant by Joseph and God had every intention of invading the brain of the son once he was born? And that’s why God said to Joseph “Mary will have a baby boy and He shall be called Jesus”

This is the only explanation that I can come to, without accusing the Lord of going against His own commandment. Invading a body (or the brain) of a newborn by the soul of a person that has left this world is something I have written about before. Some newborns have shown a level of intelligence that they should not have at such a young age. This isn`t so different from that. That`s why I think that the spirit of God was the soul of Jesus.

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