Sunday, June 15, 2014

The afterlife is real.

I am surprised by the amount of people I know who don’t believe that there is an afterlife. I will say those people who don’t think that there is an afterlife, have big surprise coming when they leave this world. What I find weird is that some of them believe in ghost but not the afterlife. What do they think ghosts are then? I guess those people that believe in ghosts but not an afterlife couldn’t have read the Bible much. In the Bible it does state that God is the only one that can kill the soul.

That means when you die, it’s because the soul has left your body. The soul did not die but is still alive in another world or realm, and that world is called the afterlife, where only the spirits live. The only time that the spirit will cease to exist, if after the last judgment at the end of times, a person is not accepted in the Kingdom of God.  Then your soul will be incinerated and never exist again. Some people, including myself, have seen the afterlife. That’s why I can say for sure that there is an afterlife. I’ve mentioned my experience about the afterlife in a previous blog post.In fact it is a big part of the reason behind this blog.

Now this part is my own personal belief. I believe when a person dies before accomplishing what that person was put on this earth to do, the soul of that deceased person is sent back in a different body to finish or start what he or she was supposed to accomplish before dying. I gave examples in a previous blog about kids knowing what they shouldn’t or couldn`t  have known at their age. This phenomenon has been documented on many occasions, and I have linked to some of these in the past.  I also believe that the soul of a person can come back for unfinished business that should have been taken care of when that person was still alive.

I’m looking forward to that.

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