Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Something is definitely wrong here. I have read about kids knowing what they shouldn’t know for their young age. I've read about a couple of people knowing how they died in a previous life, including one that was a co-pilot in the Second World War. I wrote about that person in a post. He named the pilot that died next to him and it was verified by the relatives of the pilot that had been killed.

Now what puzzles me, a lot of preachers claim that when you die if you are not accepted in the Kingdom of God that you are sent to Hell for eternity. Committing murder for example is an unforgivable sin and therefore you are incinerated. Okay, I’ll go along with that. But if some kids are born with the knowledge of what they shouldn’t have learned yet, then the soul of the deceased must have been sent into a new born baby so the soul of that person can’t be burning in Hell forever.

I’m just wondering what might cause these things to happen. If a person that died asked for forgiveness for their sins before dying, and they were forgiven by the Lord, perhaps the sins could still be serious enough that they were not forgiven enough to be admitted in the Kingdom of God. So that person's soul maybe was sent back to earth to start a new life (with the knowledge that this soul had already learned). Is this their chance to finish their earning of full forgiveness?

And what about some of these spirits that appear to some people? If they were in Hell burning, or in Heaven for that matter, I don’t think they would be here. That’s why I find it hard to believe that God, who is supposed to be a good God, would burn a soul for eternity. I think that the bad spirits that appear to some people and create havoc I believe they come from Satan. I don’t know if I’m right or not for thinking this way but by all the lies that are told by different preachers of the Bible make it hard to believe what they say. They try and scare people into being more faithful by telling those lies. I find some of them hard to believe especially if their is a preacher standing by when they tell their stories.

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