Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Revisiting Hell (in a post)

This morning, I watched a video on Youtube about people that went to Hell and came back. Unfortunately when I saved the link it appears to no longer work, or I would share it here with you. In a previous post I wrote about a man that allegedly spent 23 minutes in hell then made it back.

On that post I explained my idea as to where Hell was. I believe God said, “Ye are born from dust and to dust ye shall return”. Now in my understanding of these words if you’re not accepted into God's Kingdom then you go to Hell and being born from dust it’s only logical to me that Hell is somewhere down deep in this planet.

While watching and listening to every word that this man in the video I saw today had to say, I realized that I got my answer as to where Hell is (that is, if he is legitimate about happened to him). This video is worth while watching in what God had to say according to the scriptures.

On another occasion I watched a video about a lady named Leroux who claimed to have died after having shot herself in the chest and apparently she also went to Hell and came back. I also wrote a post about that one. It is a good video but when she claimed while she was in Hell she could tell what everyone's sins were. This might be true but I don’t believe it. I guess one day I might find out for myself I hope not.

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