Saturday, October 24, 2015

Father or Fathers?

Here is a word that seems to me is being used improperly. We call our dad 'father' most of the time but actually he should be called dad. Whenever anyone talks to a priest he is referred to as 'father'. Well all I have to say on this subject is that neither should be called father. Even the Pope is not entitled to be called father but rather 'his Excellency'. We only have one Father and that is the Creator, our Heavenly Father whom we call God. Anyone else doesn’t deserve to be call father.

This also brings me to the topic of religions. To my knowledge there were only 4 prophets who started our major religions therefore there should only be 4 religions. Now we have all kinds of religions and all kinds of cults. Not only that but we also have more than one God whom whom people believe in. And every one of those false religions and cults all have their way of praying to their particular God. I don’t think that there is one human in this world that can tell me exactly what the true religion is.

I blame all this mix up not only on man but the way the Bible was written. Like I mentioned before the Bible was re-written in different languages and some words that could not be translated a word was used that could have changed the meaning of the phrase or the whole paragraph. Now that is why two people can read the same paragraph and come to a different conclusion on its meaning. With all this misunderstanding of the way the Bible was written, to me was the results of all those religions and cults and more than one God.

I believe the only Bible that seems to be different than the others is the Bible called the King James Version. One thing we can be sure of the true God the creator is for good and the one called Lucifer is for evil. I have faith in God the Creator and Jesus the son of God. I would say just have faith and do as the Ten Commandments say and your afterlife should be a happy one. May God bless you.

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