Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Unbelievable (Part 1)

I believe in the nation of the USA a lot of people are sick. I was watching a video tonight about some people praying to Obama as if he was the Messiahs. Why?

I can honestly say that this man is not a Messiah, but rather if anything, he's an angel of death sent by Satan. The same goes for Pope Francis who instead of acting like a Pope and reinforcing God's word, has decided to re-interpret them in a - let's call it - much more permissive way.

Getting back to Obama, on a video I was watching, they even showed a picture of a little girl praying to Obama to save her. Obama is nothing but a con man and a want-to-be-communist who wants to become the ruler of the world. Then I watched another video where this African American person was walking around his room and saying that Obama was the savior. Well I read about the whore of Babylon and how its supposed to be destroyed. I've been wondering if that really means America. I hope it happens soon because this world is getting more and more depraved and depressing every day. It's especially evident when you have some stupid people that would believe that a con man deserves to be prayed to but not God. In fact the USA used to be a God fearing nation but now it has turned into a devil loving nation by the looks and sounds of it.

Stay tuned for part 2, which I have not yet written, but it's coming.

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