Monday, May 30, 2016

Pope Francis = Anti-Christ?

I found this on the internet this morning. Pope Francis declares himself to be the Anti-Christ according to this video:

I wrote on this before regarding Pope Francis, but I never said too much about it explicitly. My comment on him before concerned the way that he and Obama seemed to be just more than friends. In fact I had stated at the time that he was Obamas partner. After listening and viewing the video above, it has proven me to have come to the proper conclusion.

I read before that he wants only one world religion. To me the religion that he wants would be a religion of hate and with all kinds of sins including murders and all that anyone evil would think of including the denying of the Ten Commandments. I guess those don't agree too much with the so called religion of satan (I don't capitalize that word). That kind of religion would be a religion of every wrong that a person could think of and more.

Those elites are talking about a new world order. They can talk and make all kinds of plans but when the end of times comes it is my belief that God will show up with His Son Jesus and I don’t think that those elites we have now will not have planned what God would have in mind for them. To my concern when the end of times comes the world will become just like it was in the old Biblical days. To my way of thinking that’s when Judgement Day will come. The ones that have denied their faith or have become unbelievers will eventually know that there is a God and Son Jesus. Then those unbelievers will cry to be redeemed but I think it will be too late for redemption.

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