Thursday, May 26, 2016

Politicians (part 1)

I am 80 years old and since I was old enough to listen to what some politicians would say in days long past, most of them made sense.  If one or more would do or say anything that would be against the people, the others of the party would let them know in no uncertain terms that they were out of line. 

Now those were politicians and not educated fools that we have so many of today. Today some  politicians that we have make statements that are out of this world and they do not show any respect for their country.  They would seek to change it to what they think the country should be. This started with Prime Miinster Pierre Trudeau when he was in charge, before leaving this world. He even went to the Queen to come back with our own Constitution and the damn metric system that turned every one of us into ignorant people with respect to lengths and distances and weights because that was one thing that we had never learned in school.

He was smart though -- he knew people didn’t like raising taxes, so he jumped to the metric system knowing damn well that  businesses would not give us the extra that would equal a pound, in a quart of anything there was 1/8 less of an imperial quart and the prices stayed the same. Then he brought in multiculturism and changed some of our laws to accommodate immigrants. Now that he’s gone my guess is that his son has taken over and doing what his dad never had a chance to finish when he started to give away this country to immigrants.

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