Monday, July 18, 2016


We all know that some people will write anything just to have something to say, whether it is truthful or not. The ending of the world is one that is a dandy. Anyone can check the Bible and they will not find anywhere in it where the Good Lord told us when the end of the world would happen. Not even Jesus disciples were told. So why all of a sudden are there so many predictions about when the end of this rotten world will be?

That should prove what I wrote above about the spreading of rumours for lack of anything to say. Can anyone tell me in all truthfulness when the USA is supposed to be burned down as a result of exporting all kinds of sinful things since it has become a second Sodom and Gomorrah? I've heard so many dates for that to happen and none are true.  I wouldn’t be surprised if someone would write and say he/she had a vision that it would be on that or this date of a certain year and month. The internet has become so full of lies that if you want to write about what is reported, a person has to check most of the so-called facts. Verifying what is written versus other sites to see if there is some report similar enough to give you an idea as to the truthfulness of what was written. The internet has become all rumours and lies and for the most part a waste of its potential. Obviously not completely, but finding the good among the bad continues to get harder and harder.

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