Tuesday, August 23, 2016

What my thoughts are.

It's been over a month since I posted on my Ghosts blog. I'm a little overdue. I haven't had a lot of ghost, spirits or religious ideas for posting this summer because I've been busy watching people in my neighbourhood which can be quite entertaining in the summer time. It's something I've blogged about on my other blog, Bob's Rants. Anyway, it's time to add some thoughts here.

Once in a while I will read some scriptures and different parts of the Bible. In one part of the Bible it was mentioned that God was building His army. I can’t tell you in what part I read that as I very seldom mark down what chapter or verse that I had been reading but anyone that reads the Bible regularly would be able to tell you.

Now my son in law sent me a link to a site yesterday. What I read on it, the Mormons sort of confirmed what I had mentioned in a previous post about UFOS. I claimed at the time that it couldn’t have been humans piloting those crafts because of the speed involved and how rapidly they could change directions; humans couldn’t stand the amount of G-force that it would create on their bodies. I had also stated that I thought it was the souls of people that had died and resurrected who were piloting those crafts.

Well on the link that my son in law sent me, the Mormons claim that God does resurrects some souls of the dead and sends them here and there. Now is this the army that God is creating for Himself when He decides to bring the end to this world? We have all read here and there that this world would be attacked by UFOs. So now I’m asking myself would those souls be in human shape or in some kind of monster looking things? Would they have the power to change from whatever they would look like into whatever they want to look like? I really believe that some of those resurrected souls are on this earth at this time. While here they take the look of humans but can change back to what they should really look like.

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