Sunday, May 1, 2011

Comment on a book titled What Happens After Death

Comments on a book    Part 1 of 2

I received a book that was created by the United Church of God. It is titled “What Happens After Death?”

It will seems like I’m promoting this book, but I’m not. I must say, it makes for good reading and it’s in plain language. The fonts are big enough that you do not have to squint to read it. What I’m thinking of is this; where do these people get all their information to write this stuff?

Mind you, there is nothing wrong with what is written in this book, and it makes for good reading. Whether you believe in life after death or not, it gets one to think about it. I realize that a lot of what is written in it is quoted from the scriptures, but still it does not answer my question as to where the information comes from. I found out by reading most of this book why Bible preachers do not believe in ghosts, phantoms, black shadows, manifestations, or apparitions or whatever else one would call them. I mentioned in a previous blog post that I do have faith in God. I do not faith as to what they are saying in this book. With respect to how long the soul stays and where it stays or goes, I can’t accept the book’s points simply because anyone who hasn’t seen a ghost or heard a voice from a departed one won’t believe the words of someone like me who have had these experiences. The way everything in this book is written is as though there was a reporter taking notes on everything that was said. In this book, the translations will not be accurate because of the many different words and meanings associated with them. It would be impossible to accurately translate each meaning into different languages multiple times.

I will add more thoughts here on my blog once I’m finished reading the book. I will quote from the best parts of the book that I nevertheless don’t believe as to where the soul goes when it has left the body and how long remains there. That might sound weird, but as you will see once you have read some quotes that I will insert in my next post, you will better understand what I’m talking about.                   

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