Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Truth About Hell

A friend of mine while surfing the Internet came across this page called the Truth About Hell.  Since I’m interested in anything that has to do with the Bible and scriptures, he sent it to me.  After reading all of it, I was really surprised at the way they explained some verses of the Bible and some from the scriptures. They made more sense than some of the Bible preachers I've heard trying to explain them, or coming to their own conclusion, and sounding as if they were speaking in parables. 

After reading that I felt relief because there were a few things that I could not understand before and now I feel I do. What puzzles me is the question of the Spirit. Apparently the Spirit stays in the grave as if it was in for a long sleep with no memories of when it was in the body when it was  alive. I hope I got this right.

Now if this is so, why is it that we have such things as ghosts and phantoms or people hear voices of the departed? I have seen a couple of ghosts myself.  In fact, I have been living with one in my house for 15 years and it turns off the radio, turns the kitchen light on, walks back and forth in the kitchen at night and apparently she likes the bathroom.

I had a visitor one day and she went into the bathroom and came out just as fast because she heard a woman’s voice in there. One morning I had another visitor and of course my radio was on and no sooner had we sat down for a coffee than the radio was turned off. I checked the on/off switch to make sure that the radio was not defective but the switch had actually been turned to the off position.

Lately, she’s not just happy to be on the main floor.  Now she goes in the basement because I can hear her move things around.

I know it is a woman's ghost.  When I was looking for a house to rent I happened to go by this one that I live in now, and there was a sign that said house for rent. I took down the telephone number and called but before going away I pressed my face in the window of the front door and a wrinkly old woman came face to face with me. When I got in touch with the land lady I told her about this.  She said there is no one in there. She came with me and we went in looked around but there was no one there. I moved in, but my dog will not go near the bathroom.

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