Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kingdom of God Series - Part 1 of 2

One day while riding my bicycle for exercise, I went by a pile of garbage and it must have been garbage day because it was up and down the street. I noticed beside one garbage container, a book on the ground beside it, and that caught my interest. I stopped and picked it up and it was the Kingdom of God series titled BIBLE HISTORY. 

I picked it up because of the title and when I flipped over the cover, it referred to the old Testament history. I wasn't going to leave that book there. 

This book was published in 1940 and revised in 1942 according to the information inside the cover.
The authors of this book were: 

William L. Newton, M.A.., S.S.D, Professor of Sacred Scripture, St. Mary’s Seminary, Cleveland Ohio General Secretary for the revision of the Bible in English.

Ella may Horan, PH.D., Editor of the Journal of religious instructions-De Paul University. Author of the Baltimore Catechism with Study lessons. 

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