Saturday, May 30, 2015

True fact (Part 2)

The man that used to live in this apartment with his wife came up one day just to meet me and talk. In the conversation that we had, I asked him why he had moved to another apartment and he answered that it was because of the toilet and the noise in the kitchen and that his wife was scared to go in there. I then asked him if he knew the people that lived here before and he said know but the woman that lived here had the kitchen full of pictures of religious things. I will say one thing for sure (and there are witnesses to this) my big dog would never go in the kitchen because she seems to have been scared of something that we could not see. Unless we were in the kitchen she would not come in and sometimes we tried to get her to come in but she wouldn’t - just once in a while she would.

I mentioned before that I’m not too much of a religious person but I was tired of listening to that noise every night and it always sounded like a dog walking and his claws scratching the floor. I was sure it wasn’t my dogs because both of them were sleeping. I decided to try something. I went in the kitchen and this is what I said. “If there’s an evil Spirit in here in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ be gone” I never heard any more noise since then.

Usually my dog is always by me at the computer and today I couldn’t see her in this room but I went in the kitchen and she was lying down by the kitchen table snoring. To my belief I think that the lady that was living here was overdoing it with her belief and the evil Spirit decided to come in. This is the honest truth and I was surprise at myself for saying that and that reinforced my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ after saying what those words had accomplished.

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