Monday, May 4, 2015

Here we go again about Jesus. [Part 1]

I happened to open this site this morning  This is not the first time I had seen something like this in reference to Jesus. What they are asking is whether Jesus was a real messiah or just some kind of a con man? Now this is asked by a group that is supposed to be religious (apparently). If this group is supposed to be religious and they ask that kind of question, I’m wondering how deep their faith is. That kind of question puts more doubt in some people who have their faith already in "believe it or not" mode.

I would say that you need do your investigation full tilt before you ask that kind of question. There’s enough going on with some people of the cloth that are supposed to have a deep faith - some of them have created scandals, some tell all kinds of lies to scare people into believing what they believe in. With everything that goes on and gets said, it's no wonder people are losing faith. This type of question is no help. And it's no wonder that atheists used to be a minority but now have become the majority. It’s because of this kind of question and the conduct of some people of the cloth.

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