Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Here we go again about Jesus (Part 2)

This is continued from here.

I’m not to much of a religious person myself, but to me Jesus was a real person in the body of the Virgin Mary. God, the Creator of all things made it happen. God being invisible to humanity, could not go around and preach all the good and bad things that are in the Bible so He created Jesus to spread the Word. When Jesus was born, God took that body for his own use so he could go around and preach. And how much death did He cause because of his teachings? How many kids were slaughtered because of the word a new king is born?

Then when enough death was attributed to His teachings, He gave up the body that was Jesus and let them crucified. They killed him and they pierced his heart to make sure that He was dead. God revived Jesus and to my way of thinking Jesus is still in the body that He was born in and God is still in that body. Jesus has said so Himself “My Father and I are but one.” Go to my post about this Muslim that met Jesus when he (the Muslim fellow) died briefly. You will also see more people that died briefly and came back to life and what some of them has seen when their spirit went on a trip to hell and back. There is one story about a little boy that died briefly and came back but it was a lie fabricated by the boy.

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