Friday, April 15, 2016

Disappeared soldiers

I watched a video tonight (I've lost the link) and it was about a group of soldier that just disappeared. I can’t believe the disappearance of those soldiers. Has there been an investigation into their disappearance? If not why not? Those soldiers could not have disappeared just like that; someone must know something and if someone does why it is hidden from the public? Have they committed a crime of finding something as old as this old apparent flying machine? Was that a crime big enough to make them disappear? I get the idea that someone is hiding something and never thought of anyone discovering it. I would have thought that since it has been discovered the government would have been curious enough to have it taken out of there to see exactly what it was and where it came from and also what happen to the soldiers. If their disappearance was the results of them finding this thing, surely someone must know something. The way things are in this world today I wouldn’t be surprise some weird person would comment by saying a UFO picked them up.

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