Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Prophesied end of the world

Apparently some disaster is supposed to start this month, April. Whatever it is that will happen, I hope it does because this world is not fit for anyone to live in as it turned out to be a scary world full of inconsiderate people that only have confidence in themselves. To me that doesn’t amount to much. Oh there are some good and considerate people that have faith not only in themselves but also in the Creator and His Son and those are the types that more or less try to live according to God's Word (mainly I mean the Ten Commandments). Those people that live according to God's commandments faithfully, most of them can be trusted because those commandments basically define what is good.

But I must say these days the minority of unbelievers have become the majority (at least vocally) and that’s what makes this world a rotten place to live in. Lucifer has taken a hold of this world and it seems like he’s having all kinds of help and mostly from people in authority in high places and even from the little guys, like punks and thugs and thieves and dishonest people. As I, said they are becoming a majority.

I also read that the USA is considered to be the new Sodom and Gomorrah and that it would be destroyed by fire. If so then it better be done soon if its’ going to happen. I say that because this country of Canada seems to have a lot of copy cats for what goes on in the USA and we could be taken as the third Sodom and Gomorrah. I guess we will see what will happen the first of January 2017 if the Prophesy happens like it’s supposed to be on that day. Like I mentioned above a disaster is supposed to start in April of this year and will continue until the main one on first of January 2017. Now I’m only quoting what I’ve been reading and I have written blog posts about it on my rants blog and posted a couple on Facebook. Anyone that doesn’t read my blogs can read them on Facebook so people will know what is happening. If what was prophesied is not just rumours, then time is short.

I am not a preacher or a Bible Thumper I’m just a poor sinner that had forgotten a lot of the commandments in most of the bad life that I have led.v At least now I am trying to live by God├Ęs Word.

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