Saturday, April 30, 2016

Real possession story

I have a link for the web address just above the excerpt below. I would suggest that you open it and really pay attention to what you are reading and also pay attention to the people involved in this. Myself, I believe this to be true as I have read too much of these things for this not to be true. You can make up your mind after you have read the whole article from the start to the end.

The quote below is from the article in Daily Mail which is a mainstream media outlet in the United Kingdom:
Today speaking exclusively and fully to MailOnline for the first time since her tale of possession and exorcism came to global attention Latoya Ammons, 32, has relived the night when, she said, she came face to face with the demon.

She has told of how her family was driven violently from the modest rental home in Gary, Indiana now infamous as ‘the portal of hell.’

She has recounted the full horror that she, her three children then seven, nine and 12, and her mother, Rosa Campbell endured. She relived the ‘torture’ of the three major exorcisms she underwent.
Scary indeed.

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